Do you play characters that don't fit your playstyle?


I saw a thread like this quite some time ago and thought i’d bring it up again for ultra. So has anyone spent a good amount of time and get good with characters that don’t really fit their natural playstyle? I myself always want to go in on someone and constantly rush down and mix a person up, so naturally you’d think someone like ibuki would be right up my alley. Alas my favorite SF character is chun li, so i went and main her anyway and MAKE her rush down lol…as much as she can anyway and play a very aggresive chun with much success i might add^^.I still sub a bunch of other characters though,so how far has anyoen else strayed from their natural playstyle?


I love Adon and play pretty aggressively. I like the impact and power of his attacks, and the pressure he applies. And I really enjoy using Zangief occasionally with an aggressive style and pressure even though the character can be pensive and methodical. However, in bad match-ups I like to use Ryu in a very defensive, reaction-based style. I even use U2 as way to really punish opponents for being unsafe (and because it’s the most satisfying ultra in the game).


I’m like a Jewish car-salesman, I want to rob people blind with cheap shit, sell them lemons and give up nothing. Unfortunately, I decided that I want to become solid and play Ryu. Profound sadness ensues daily…


I’m still trying to master one playstyle, so I don’t often really change character >.>


Yeah man it kindve happened to me… I got decent with a grappler, learned all his set ups/match ups/ situational stuff and was getting alot compliments online. But the other day I realized, holyshit … I love playing lame.

So yeah, back to square one with my new keepaway character but I’m having so much laughs and genuine fun that it doesn’t matter


I’m pretty happy with who I ended up playing. I feel like playing a patient keep away character could definitely help my overall skill set but playing the heavy rushdown characters is clearly what I wanted.
Also, command grabs, because they’re fun.


Luckily, it was pretty easy for me to choose the character(s) I liked. As soon as I tried her, I was in love with Juri’s playstyle. Makoto took a bit of getting used to, but I enjoy playing her aswell. Not as much as Juri though.


Once in a while, yeah. Who doesn’t?


I feel more comfortable as a fireball zoner as my mains, and I’m not a charge character user (despite my username, I’m actually not a Bison user). But I’ve been using Decapre and find her interesting.

My upper arm was actually slightly sore the first couple days because I wasn’t used to having to charge so much in every match, lol


I be like wild with my style, punk. You play me like a chump, you get dumped.


Yeah, I’ve always been more of the conservative and defensive type, and only really rush in when I see a good opening. I guess I play a similar style to Infil/Daigo. However, recently I’ve picked up Yang again and he kinda needs to be the aggressor, so I guess you can say he doesn’t really suit my playstyle very much.


Are you using the new Madcatz Compound Bow?


Im a natural zoner… but im fascinated by Dudley. Those matches usually end in pain. A poking Dudley is a dead Dudley. Arcade mode for life for him