Do you play on your lap or a surface?


Which do you prefer? And if you play on a surface, what do you place your stick on? Also, what is your favorite stick for lap play, and whats your favorite stick for placing on a surface?


I personally prefer to play on my lap since it’s the way I’ve been playing for a very long time. I can play on surface too since it’s not too big of a deal for me.

As for my favorite stick for lap play, I like anything that has a flat surface that I can rest my wrist on. So I would say my Tek-Case. As for surface play I can basically use any stick since I don’t rest my wrist or hands on the cab or stick. I generally keep my hands floating above the buttons when I play on a surface.

Yeah, I know I’m weird but it’s been that way for a long time.


Laps, since that’s how you play in tournaments/offline gatherings.

I’ve been playing a keyboard on surface quite a while ago and actually had to bring my own table to a few local melty blood tournaments lol

For lap play anything works for me if it’s not too small. The bigger the better though, and rounded edges is a plus.


i’d play on a surface if i could, but pulling out a table or chair takes up alot of space and time. i spray down the bottom of the joysticks with flex seal or plasti-dip to keep them from moving around in my lap. i prefer slimmer joysticks but do fine with my TE


Depends on the game. If it’s the newer fighting games, I can easily play on my lap and have solid consistency of execution. This is primarily due to how slow and lenient a lot of the inputs are. You could completely screw them up and still get them to come out.

It’s different for the older games. While I can still play on my lap when I play ST, Alpha, CVS2, 3s, I’m MUCH better on a stable cab or table platform. Anything that doesn’t let the stick slip around at all.


I play on lap but I definitely see the pros of sitting up straight and playing on a table. It’s just like anything. Good form will always help and never hurt (all though “form” is somewhat personal in video games). But I definitely think posture and form help while using a stick.


Lap, but I put a pillow on top of it due to lack of options. I wish I could play standing up, but am too cheap to buy a podium/tv tray.