Do you play one character or specific match ups?

I have always stuck to makoto for the most part, but I have seen some players stick to match ups and do really well (derrick perez).

Seems like the thing to do is to just stick with someone, but does anyone lean more twoards specific matchups more than anything else?

well ya i try to stay away from twelve when i’m playing against ken

one character.

random select =3

Though I am partial to playing Urien and Ryu vs. Chun, Urien and Necro vs. Alex, and Makoto against twins. Mostly because I seem to do better in those matchups with specific characters. That and stupid anti-Alex combos are great. =D

All Oro, all the time! I may change my super art depending on the matchup, but I’ll always be faithful to that sexy old man.

Just Ryu and Chun, all depending on who I feel like using at the moment.

Random. depending on who i wanna waste my 50p on. tho i use fat guy <------ alot.

<---- those three (or should i say six) do all the job.


i try to stick to Dudley, but if i run into a Chun and can’t beat her, i switch to Ken :p.

Dudley. Chun if I wanna win with minimal effort, or the matchup is in my favor.

necro for causals. if i am serious then i play Q