Do you play standing or sitting with a arcade stick?

Hey guys, i just got my crap MC SE stick on friday, and so far the transition from the d-pad to stick has been… OK. I still cannot pull off most of the combos i used to with my d-pad and have other troubles. ANYWAY on to the topic, i was wondering if you guys play standing or sitting? I don’t have a stand of any kind so i have to sit and play and put the stick on my lap or settle it on my bed and i find it a bit uncomfortable. Any tips to make arcade stick usage much more comfortable and better?

You’ll find an array of people and their different setups, but for the most part it seems sitting is the choice, particularly in the case of Street Fighter IV, its arcade cabinets are seated.

As for stands, you can visit a Wal-Mart or a Target and get a simple TV tray, a particularly sturdy one at least.

I suggest you don’t get the SE stick for doing combos =( i can’t pull of half the combos i do on my MAS stick. I’m going to mod the SE stick and see how it turns out though. My diagonal down right doesn’t work half the time so that means no shoryukens when im on the left side =/

The MC SE is heavy enough to put on a table and you just put a chair next to it and play that’s how i do it. Thats the one thing i like about the stick more then my MAS right now. It doesn’t move around on a flat surface. My MAS stick is twice the size and it moves everywhere.

Yea, im having a problem doing super/ultra haduken on the left side, but on the right side NO problem.

As for modding, i ordered parts from LL on the 9th (octo gate, buttons), and seeing people on LL thread JUST getting their parts now from the Feb,19th and 20th orders, i wont hold my breath. im just going to assume i wont be getting my stuff till next month which is ok since it gives me more time to practice with the stick. I just hope the stick doesnt break on me before then.

Anyway, il try sitting down and place my SE on a table.

Sure is retarded in here.

If you can’t fireball on a SE, it’s user input error and not a problem with the stick.

OP: Find something comfortable, set it on a table, or in your lap, or anywhere. It may not be great at first, but once you get used to stick, it’s significantly better.

If I’m sitting, I’ll get a small table to put it on. That way, at least you have a steady solid place to put your stick. I really really prefer standing, but it’s pretty hard to do unless you’re at a cabinet or you have your TV wall mounted pretty high.

yea, i know its input error, just need more practice, grrr

Yeah, my TV is fairly low, so I sit in a chair and use an $8 TV Tray from walmart, as long as I lock my legs around the base it won’t move around (I have wood floors in my room right now). It’s much more comfortable than setting it on my lap.

I do the tv tray too, scoot my computer chair over, bring it into me so its right bellow me and idont have to have my hands out, and voila, set up complete.

Yeah my diagonal right doesn’t work sometimes either. I can’t crouch and block on the right side and charge for Balrog sometimes, which ends up costing me some health and some matches for Balrog. I ordered a JLF from LL though, so hopefully that stops it.

As for sitting and standing, I sit with the SE on my lap. The rubber feet didn’t grip my desk that well at all, so it’s constantly moving around. On my lap, it feels fine.

it’s definitely not me that can’t do the things… -_- my diagonal down right doesn’t function half the time… so i can do anything on one side of the screen… blocking down right sticks a lot too because whenever i block standing up on the right i can’t block down… the stick just doesn’t function, but my MAS does it without problem.

oh yeah and the buttons are kinda screwy sometimes like doing the ultra… I was in training mode doing it all fine and the i just couldn’t do it anymore for like a minute… it just kept popping out ex shoryukens which was annoying… both sides didn’t work so i figured one of the buttons work laggy… my low punch stopped working for a couple of seconds… i don’t press hard on my buttons… So the point is i got the bad stick out of the batch =( but im modding it.

I have a modded Hori Ex 2 with Octo gate and I have these exact same problems, I also use a TV tray with my PC chair and its works , but i too have a problem doing super/ultras on the right side, (I play Gen so i get killed all the time because of this) I sorta think its the weight of the controller that has something to do with it, but i can’t hardly do and quick reaction ultras or supers or shoryuken on command like I can on the left side. any tips, maybe I should install some weights on it or strap it down? I seems standing up it plays much smoother on the right side.

SE sticks have know issues with the sticks being faulty, so it’s not just input error. The buttons also stick. The controls on the SE stick are for shit. There is no reason to buy it unless you are going to mod it.
Now if your stick is sliding all around, you just need some softer rubber for the feet. Or put rubber feet on it in the first place.

Lap ftw.

When I played in L.A., my arcade had SF4 on a stand-up Machine, so I’m used to stand while playing. Though, when I was using a joystick the other day, it seemed harder to play while sitting down.

Got the game set up to my PC monitor, and I just lay my stick on my desk. Monitor is 21" and I think a Vewlix screen is 30" or so… but still fairly close to an arcade experience.

My Hori EX 2 is modded with sanwa 8 way gate, buttons and cherry microswitches, I do have it sitting either on my pc desk or TV tray, but I still have this issue with inputs on the right side, do you think its the stick itself, buttons , or input errors or just the angle? if so I better consider ordering new parts.

I got little end table next to my couch that just happens to be high enough to fit over my legs when I’m sitting down. Slap the SE stick on that and go to town.

I play with it in my lap but if I had a place where I could stand with it that would work too.

So on your lap or a tv tray seems to be the norm…
But what about a ghetto tate round of shmups? What then?!