Do you play with Japanese or English voices?

Question my fellow SRK users, What do you perfer between Japanese and English voice overs in Capcom fighting games? Please discuss.

Because I can…and your thread makes no sense.

English because I understand it and its not cool when characters sound like Scooby-Doo.

I which however I damn well please.

Japanese. The English voices are always cheesy & laughable. Plus, the Japanese voices just fit better.

Hey you may want to rephrase your question. I’m not sure if you want to say switch or “which voice over do you prefer” in your title and I’m saying that not to be an asshole just to help you bro. To answer I prefer Japanese. Grew up on anime so I just got used to it over time, it’s funny hearing English voices calling out supers. But I can tolerate it in Blaze for some reason.

Engrish is annoying as fuck especially if the character has always spoke english

Anybody who puts chris, spencer, arthur, dante, viewtiful joe, frank, or Zangief in japanese needs a good slap

Only acceptable japanese voice for an american is guile’s.

Whatever voice fits the character better. I actually like Bison in english. His voice fits him better, i feel that the japanese counterpart is too high pitched.
As for the OP, I see you prefer Engrish.

i dunno Guile and Sonic Beeum in Japanese is awful imo

It depends on the character but I have majority of them in Japanese.

This. Most Japanese sound better. Guile f.e. is the polar opposite.

Depends on if the character is asian or not. For example, Akuma english voice is some of the worst voice acting I’ve heard.

I change it for the japanese characters.

Very true. Every game that Akuma is it, his default english voice actor is really bad

in sf4 there are only 2 eng voices that are on a par with their jap counterpart: cody and dudley. english voices just sound sooo cheesy and forced, partly VERY annoying (really… dat eng el fuerte…).

oddly enough tho, the eng voices in mvc3 are way better then their jap counterpart for the most part.

I haven’t had a problem with Japanese voices in Street Fighter games for the last 15 years and I’m not about to start now.

Pick and choose.
For example, I like how Ryu sounds when he says “Shoryuken” “Hadouken” in English compared to Japanese. Sagat in English 'cause Sagat is a true nigga.

Real fighters pick their favorites.

Cammy JP is an abomination, along with Sakura EN.

Every time Sakura English gets KOed, I imagine some cheap whore just died.

English Sakura is by far the shittiest voice in the game, as for me I have everything in japanese except for Cammy and Zangief.