Do you prefer a slant in your Joystick?


I am looking to make a standard design, and I was wondering what the majority of players prefer.



V19 Joystick Design


Everything I’ve ever built has a slant. It was especially important to add a slant to the stand-up cabinet I made.

I wouldn’t imagine it to be nearly as important on sticks, though. Depends though… I would always prefer a small slant. I honestly couldn’t imagine slanting a stick more than 15 degree’s. That is ridiculous.


for lap play i think a slant is not required. But for standing play , yes.


Wasn’t there a poll like this not too long ago? :wtf:

I like a 5 deg slant, any more is a bit too much.


I was thinking, it depends on where you position the joystick. On your lap makes your arms bend at 90 degrees and you are parallel with the playing surface. If you position the joystick in front of you, say on a table, then your arm stretch out and the angle increases. The only way to bring them back to 90 is to incline the joystick surface.


I’ve not really heard of people using 15 degrees or more; the most I really see is around 10. 15 seems pretty far out there. Most custom stick makers seem to prefer around 5 degrees.


a small slant is what I like. I don’t know why, but it probably has something with being used to the keyboard slant


have a 3 degree slant on mine and I love it. flat boxes are whack. 15 degrees would be extreme. My box has a length of 9 inches and that would mean the back would have to be like 2 and a half inches taller than the front. 6 degrees would probably be the max for me, that’d put the back at about 1 inch taller than the front.


No slant feels the most comfortable to me since I play with the stick on my lap, but having a small slant still feels fine to me.


I don’t know about a slant, but I have a curve in my joystick. :rofl:


Not a big difference for me, I’ll use either joystick.


I used to prefer a 5 degree slant, but after a while I found my right wrist kind of sore. I’m talking like 4+ hours of consecutive play here though.

The last couple sticks I made only have 2.5 degrees of slant on them, and I honestly regret not just making them flat altogether. I end up tilting them away from me when I hold them in my lap so that I end up with a flat top or even reverse slant… (I’m thinking BigPockets might be on to something but I would never put a reverse slant on a stick merely out of aesthetic principles…)

I think that really low profile cases should be flat, ideally. You probably do not need the ergonomics of a slant unless the case is at least 2 inches or taller. Just my 2 cents though.