Do you prefer easy supers?

What is the communities opinion on easy supers like in Garou, SF3, Marvel, and SS V Special compared to other fighters?

I prefer easy supers, but I can do SNK-style supers with ease. The thing I hate are weird style supers like Geese’s raging demon in CVS 2, and anything where you have to hit two buttons at once with precise timing while doing a fairly awkward motion (like Krauser’s Kaiser Wave in Real Bout 2).

I prefer easy motions. Fighting games should be about applying the right tactics where they’re needed, not struggling with distracting inputs.

I prefer classic double QFC motions. I love SNK style supers, but with my home arcade stick they seem to be alot harder to pull off because of the squared chamber.

Double QCF motions aren’t so bad. it’s not exactly an intrusive input.

Should be harder than normal moves, but not so hard that they’re jsut about impractical for anyone else but the really hardcore.

I like half circles~

I do.
I dont need that charge D/B, then D/F, D/B, UP B.S. QCB+KK would have the same effect.

I like them as well. Ok so maybe it removes some diversity from a game, but it also means there won’t be characters with command handicaps. Also you could say removing charged supers makes people sit on DB a bit less.

No actually it wouldn’t. Some of the reasoning behind charge moves is that you have to be charging first to be able to do them. i.e. it limits your movement options for a longer period before you actually execute the move. This is why seth’s qcf sonic boom is better than guile’s charge sonic boom.

i never liked doing charge supers, especially the guile and vega type ones. Seems like too much. TBH i’m surprised they still use them in sf4.

Ok, fine, QCBx2+K. I just wont bother with awkward commands. I get enough of that from GGX2.

I prefer easy supers. Trying to do Guiles super gets frustrating sometimes.

mvc2 supers was ideal.

problem is that we have ex moves in sfiv and shit like that. but w/e, can’t be perfect.

one/two button supers is fine, too, as long as it doesnt end up like a3 where 2 button cc activation for huge damage means pretty much everything is unsafe. do not want.

Just get em drunk then they easy as hell.

Garou had the right idea. The supers were all qcf qcf or qcb qcb punch or kick (with a 720 thrown in) even with Kain.

I like the idea of supers that are easy enough to pull off without having to put too much practice into them, but it’s nice to have some variety in the inputs too (Ie charge characters still have the charge supers. The Guile/Vega ones can get a bit fiddly though).

I never found most of KOF’s supers to be all that complicated (apart from maybe Raging Storm and Krausers QCBx3).

3S style SA commands (all 2x qcf even for charge characters) for the win!

Yea it kinda depends on what you mean by easy and also the particular game. qcfx2 in most games is pretty easy but its hard as fuck for no good reason in old kofs, yet hcb/hcfx2 supers are piss easy in those and a lot harder when they appear in capcom games. Personally I’m a fan of making it easy to perform the moves, but motions are a balancing factor as well. Even something as simple as a dp is still noteworthy when you compare it to just pressing a button. For example, anyone with a really damaging and invincible anti-air super would be broke ass if it was just qcf+PP in a game with no air block.

Except for Jenet’s just defend+A,B,C.
I never got to pull that off in a real match.

Don’t forget the Neo Rave