Do you really need a new Pad/Stick?

I’ve been playing Street Fighter 2 and 3rd Strike since both thier release dates using pads (SNES, Mega Drive, PS2, Xbox 360)

When I heard Mad Katz were releasing special pads and sticks for the game I thought “why? playing with the 360 pad is fine foe me”. So I went and spend silly money on a Street Fighter SE stick just to see what the deal was (not paying 300 for the TE no chance!). Main reason was I kept hearing “All the pros use sticks and they kick ass”.

So got my stick, plugged it in and man did I get my ass kicked hard by almost everyone online. Now I know theres a getting used to phase but if your like me and have been playing SF with pads for over 15 years then DONT get a stick! It will take you abcoultly ages getting used to it and is very fustrating and not worth the money.

I’ve been trying to get used to this stick since release date of SFIV and I’ve been putting in serious hours but just cant get to grips with it. My timing is still off with Ken, Abel and Chun Li. I just cant get used to using fingers rather than thumbs to press 6 buttons, it takes too long. I find it alot easier with the pads. I think the only reason people got sucked into buying sticks was A. they wanna relive arcade days or B. They fell for the hype surrounding this game.

So all Im saying is if your like me and been using pads all this time, stick with pads DONT get a stick you will regret it like I did.

learn to ride a bike, it’s faster than walking.

Use what is best for you. I happen to like playing on a stick better, but if pad is your bnb then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Can I have your stick?


Sure, the default pad is great if you own SFIV on the 360 and feel like tearing your face off every time you fumble due to the shitty d-pad.

I’ve been playing with a pad all my life, and I recently discovered how much more accurate and easier some moves are when pulling them off. That is, when you have a working stock stick… lol.

I have SFIV for 360 and use the 360s d-pad just fine. Maybe its coz my hands arent as big as most people so I don’t fumble.

As for the bike anolgy, are you saying its faster to play with the stick than the pad… not for me! For example a simple jump HK - crouch MK+MK and then fireball with Ken is alot easier for me on the pad compared to the stick and I must have done this combo a thousand times using the stick. I feel it requires more enery and concentration.

Has anyone here swapped from years of using pads to a stick and feel the same way as I do?

Stick is better, period, once you’re used to it.

Just because you’re bad doesn’t mean that pads are better.

Can you explain why a stick is better?

Also if Im better with a pad surley that means pads are better for me, NOT pads are better than sticks in general.

Whenever I play on a pad, all my moves are just a bunch of buffered input mess (as training mode has told me).
The stick is very precise and not just a mash-up of directional inputs. Not to mention you utilize your full hand when using a stick instead of a thumb and your index finger (maybe your middle finger too if you don’t mind hand cramps) so it’d be overall faster.

Sticks are better than pads because your hand is laid across all six buttons and are easily accessible. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to hit shoulder buttons when comboing in moves.

If you want to up your game, you will need a stick, being able to combo in buttons easily and using your wrist to maneuver is more fluid. Pads are mostly okay if all you’re doing is throwing in a few HK, HP’s and fireballing/shoryuken. But I just don’t think you can pull off some of those advanced combos and linking consistently with a pad. Sure, some people can do it, but I bet they are even better with a stick if they took the time to learn to play with one.

If you are a pad warrior then that’ fine, don’t let people tell you that you are wrong. I’ve seen some guys rock it on pad at tournaments and in Tekken the pad still seems to be the king. If a guy is good on the pad then he should decide what he likes to play on, not what a bunch of guys over the internet tell him. Plus it’s funny as hell when somebody talks shit about a pad and then has their shit kicked in with a pad player in the game.

I’m with the “whatever you are more comfortable with is better” crowd as well, however I feel that getting used to a stick is truly beneficial and you will eventually like it better. Like others have said, all buttons are available to you with little hand movement and once you get use to it, you won’t want to use a pad again imo.

I actually got pretty good using a analog stick because of Capcom vs SNK on Gamecube.

But I bought a arcade stick for SFIV on 360.

Well all the very top top players use sticks so I guess that says something, but yeah for normal players like us I guess it’s best to stick to what your most comfortable with. I have just got a stick (Madcatz SE) myself and I’m having a hard-ish time getting use to it although I’m getting better and better with it and I’ve been able to pull off some combos in SFIV Trial mode that i couldnt do with a pad.

I’ve been a pad player at home for the most part, but i think its different for sf4, with EX moves, Focus Attacks, Ultras and two button throws all requiring multiple simultaneous button presses (can’t map all of these to a shoulder button). I suppose you could fat thumb for throws or change the way you hold the pad though.

Thanks for making me laugh so hard on that one

As for having all 6 buttons more accessable using a stick, I dont see how thats true?

When using a pad all I do is switch my thumb between buttons, where as on the stick I need to swich different fingers to pull off the same combo.

Ive been trying to do the first HARD trial for Ken. Using the pad I can pull off the light shoriyuken and cancel it, but can never get the super combo in after that. When I use a stick I can only get up to the light shoriyuken, cancelling that is damn near impossible with a stick. I think thast proves for me pads are better and I honeslty belive no matter how much I practice I will never get as good as when Im using a pad.

Also I find with the stick I need to think more, maybe thats coz im not quite used to it.

Wow, this post just won this topic. :rofl:

But in all seriousness, no matter what kind of game controller you’re using, be it gamepad or arcade stick, it takes a while to get used to. Even after you get used to pads or sticks, it’s still boils down to which you prefer to play on. Now, I personally play on both pad AND stick equally (READ: I play a ton of SSBM, but I use Saturn pads very comfortably in traditional fighters) and I can see why most people prefer sticks over pads. It really is a lot more fluid and in a way, it gives a bit of “cool” factor to your play style. But again, sticks aren’t for everyone. elrasho, if you play on a pad, and you REALLY don’t like using your arcade stick, it’s not like it’s taboo to lay the stick to the side and run on with your gamepad. I play 3S with a few friends of mine and two of them can really rock it on a PS2 DualShock 2. It’s entirely preference so use what you want.