Do you remember me? Headmaster savagely beaten by ex-pupil

D’you remember me? Headmaster savagely beaten by ex-pupil who harboured a 20-year grudge over caning

I thought caning was banned over 20 years ago. lol.

It takes a big man to take a beating like that and still stand by his principles and forgive. + Man points.

the head master was like “coughcough heh… so you’ve finally defeated me? you have made me proud”

[what strength

but don’t forget there are many guys like you all over the world](

Seriously, Capcom need to remake street fighter 1. that game had the greatest mix of characters.

That dude is an idiot. 3 years in jail is not enough.

maybe he thought he deserved it. Caning was never legal in the UK 20 years ago, so in hindsight hitting that kid was illegal, shit, he’s probably the reason that guy turned out to be the way he is today.

As silly as this may sound I’m wondering whether the teacher fondled him or something.

that guy is the way he is today because he sounds like he’s always been a troublemaker. i doubt it was the teacher’s fault.

Ok, out of curiosity was this guy some kind of bodybuilder or something? I mean they said that there was 2 guys with the teacher, not to mention they were in a public restaurant, but nobody stopped this man from beating him half to death? I mean that kind of damage doesnt happen in a few hits…

yeah getting caned at age 6 by an authority figure isn’t going to impact the rest of your life or anything

Nevermind the fact that the beating came from a man whose job is apparently to “spend a lot of time telling children about forgiveness”. Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven, now excuse me while I go beat a child a third of my size with a cane.

3 years in jail sounds about right.

Sounds like a real life version of Sleepers. Good movie.

Endless lolage.

Seeing the man’s disfigured face = :shake:

After reading these = :rofl:

i guess since i was pretty badly abused as a kid and didn’t turn out a punk i have some trouble finding much sympathy for the guy

Here’s the thing though Weeks, you have been a similar situation, but not the exact situation and probably possessed a different mindset and upbringing. Perhaps you had people to talk to, people who cared enough to shape you into a upstanding person. You probably took the abuse and turned it around into a way to embolden yourself, hence your POV.

The fact that this guy had been so affected by this headmaster that he sought out assault as a means of expressing his pent up anger shows that it had a profound affect on him. Of course, he always has a choice, and unfortunately he chose the path of violence and is now paying the price.

well done, grade: A

[no A+ because of a grammar msitake]


The guy caned a defenseless child like an animal for being disobedient. Now the shoe’s on the other foot. If you ask me, he deserved it.

The student has defeated the master, there is nothing left for him to teach.:china: