Do you still watch TV? And if so, how much compared to before you got older?


I remember growing up, I always heard about how some people were just cutting out TV completely. I thought those people were crazy and I never thought I would ever give up watching TV. Now that I’m older, I guess I have to say that I am reaching the point of insanity. I can’t say that I’ve given up TV completely yet, but now I am definitely watching way less TV than I ever have in my life. I can’t really tell you exactly when it started, but all of a sudden, I just started to think that a lot of the stuff on TV just flat out SUCKS.

I do remember though, however, that it wasn’t too long ago before I started watching more “mature” stuff. And I guess I only mean that I started watching more shows that featured real people instead of old 90’s cartoons on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and etc. I started to fall in love with a lot of these police dramas, like CSI Miami, Law and Order SVU, Hawaii Five-O, NCIS and etc. I would just sit and watch that stuff any time they came on. Also started watching House a lot as well. I think there were maybe a few other shows, but those are the ones I remember specifically. Being that those are shows that usually carry the story from episode to episode, it kind of sucks when you out on one cuz you know you may have missed out on something important.

Nowadays, I can probably count the amount of TV shows that I really try to sit down and watch on one hand. Even all of these police dramas that I hated to miss, I can just kind of shrug my shoulder and not care if they’re on. I really don’t consider any of the shows that I even watch to be worthy of me having to add DVR to the package so that I won’t have to miss them when I go to school at night. Most of the shows I even bother to watch now are old school classic’s from the 90’s, like Fresh Prince on TBS in the morning, and The 90’s is All That block on Teen Nick at Nite. I dont really even watch the News on TV anymore. The only time I really sit down to watch TV for a while is if I see a decent movie on during the weekend or something (Usually meaning Iron Man 2 or some other comic book movie) Other than that, during football season I’ll sit and watch all of the games because we always get NFL Sunday Ticket.

I think eventually I’ll just get to the point to where I won’t even bother checking the guide anymore. I’ll also probably just get past watching all of this old stuff from back in the good ole days. From now on, I see nothing but gaming (Fighting games of course), comics, working out, and chillin w/ friends. Anyone else feel the same?


I have zero interest in having a TV service. When I lived with my ex we had cable TV, but I never watched it. I only care about sports and movies, and I’ll get into the occasional TV series that people can’t stop talking aabout. Everything else (news, documentaries, etc) the Internet has for free and on-demand, no more “uh oh gotta drop everything and plug my face into the TV set exactly at 7:30pm” BS.


taitos new av sucks

tv is outdated, netflix rulz


I also have Netflix, and there are a few shows on there that I can still sit and watch. I remember making it a goal to go thru the entire Malcolm in the Middle series. They’ve added a few 90’s cartoons on there as well. I guess that’s enough to keep it around. But even with that said, I’m not really into Netflix either. I think the last time I really checked out Netflix was when they said they were gonna have Avengers on there, and I definitely had to watch that movie again in HD quality. I think its kind of a good thing to not be watching TV anymore just for the sake of fighting games. We all know how much time and practice it takes just so somebody can say they’re halfway decent at them, and they’re a hell of a lot more engaging and stimulating than TV is.


Watching TV live is only still relevant for sports. Everything else torrent/Netflix/Youtube dat shit


I haven’t watched or had cable in my room since like 2006. I never really watched TV before that though, just Toonami/Adult Swim after school and before bed.


I only watch TV for wrestling and Toonami if they are airing a show I’m interested in watching. Otherwise, I torrent everything I watch


lol ya my life really turned around when i quit watching tv so i could get serious about fighting games


I don’t even own a tv anymore.