Do you think backup stories should be included in TPB books?

Do you think backup stories should be included in TPB books?

It depends. If they cost $10, no. However, I believe that the SF trades should cost about $15-20 and include everything. I cant get ahold of issues 0-6 at my local store without spending too much. Im poor, and i want the Rey stories and the substories. I was pretty dissapointed that they cut those out of the trades. I know the substories werent part of the main story, but i still feel they were pretty substatial.

I’m going to have to say no, but only because I’m a collector in addition to being a fan and reader. I admit it does make it hard for newcomers to get in on it all, but there’s still eBay and Ruppsworld, Heroflix, etc.

Yes. Definetly. The individual issues are bigger anyway so they still maintain an advantage.

I can see why they wouldn’t put the back stories in the TPBs, a lot of people would stop buying the indevidual comics and just get the trades because they’re cheaper, and Udon would lose out a bit to those people. However, it is hard for a lot of people to get the older back issues, so perhaps if they brought out a book with JUST the back stories and extras, so people who only get the trades could get the whole story, as well as give a bit more back to Udon for their trouble.

I honestly wish the trades were full size, I really don’t like trade paperbacks that aren’t comic size, like smaller novel size, or hard cover larger sizes like what DC brings out. I like to keep my trades in my comic boxes with the rest of the comics, and these mini TPBs just can’t do that. I suppose the advantage of the smaller ones is chicks like them, and they’re easier to take with you and read on a bus or something I guess.

A seperate book full of backstories would be good. Definetly.

Yeah, that’s what I’d like. Maybe make it a flip book, half of it could have the back up stories and the other half could have the Rey stuff.