Do you think capcom knew

about kara canceling?

it seems that the characters that have excellent kara throws (chun, q, elena, ryu, remy) fit well with there game play while some characters that dont have kara’s get limited but dont suffer greatly for it sort of a balancing factor like ken, yun, necro, and urien.

Actually yun has a good kara throw. St short.

yea i didnt think much of it when i tried it but thinking back on it now i guess its good.

i think capcom knew abut kara throwing and used that to deepen the throw games.

whats your thoughts on it?

uh can some1 fill me in how do u do that st.short yun kara?tnx

seriously it aint that hard… i tried to do in training mode try to get as close as possible but not in throwrange… then like press lk and then throw (lk+lp) its like RCing in cvs2… but then the other way around :wink: its pretty easy…

do you think its that good pyro? i tested it out but ive noticed a minimal range that it gives me…

but i guess if i can kara palm and get extra range that should hold true when i kara throw…

It’s pretty good, in japan the yuns go st jab st short then kara throw.

Especially if the character is crouching the range is pretty decent.

Yun is great regardless, adding this too just makes him better.

u can also just tap short then jab right after like pyro said

yun’s kara throw is good. it really gives him that extra range he NEEDS to throw…all you have to do is offset the short FIRST when you throw.

Can Yang do the same?

is there a way to do it without performing another move before it?

Nope. The whole Idea is that you are cancelling an attack that moves you forward, thus, you have to perform a move to get the effect.

thanks Hollow, but actually thats not what i meant. Pyrolee mentioned japs doing std.jab first b4 the std.short. it uses negative edge on the std.jab so that u can release it shortly after u press std.short afterwards. so is there a way to do this kara throw without performing a move that lets you beffer in a jab so that u can release it later…

I could be wrong, but I think pyrolee just meant doing st. jab, st. short, THEN do the kara-throw. Blocked st. jab, st. short puts them in perfect kara-throw range and most people try to block/red parry, so it’s a good setup.

Yun/Yang’s kara-throw is really just st. short canceled into st. jab (which counts as a throw because of the leeway), you don’t need to buffer or negative edge anything. It’s pretty easy to do.

ok dude thanks! will try that out when I get home later. :smiley:

do u guys think for the future street fighters capcom will input more detail/emphasis on kara canceling?

i dont think that capcom knew about kara trows when they released the game. people learned it from playing n discovering it. its like roll cancels in cvs2. but its a good tatic to add to your repatoir