Do you think CF could be considered on par with Guilty Gear?


A topic similar to this was made a while ago, but it was WAY back, when Blazblue was still in the continuum shifts. In my opinion, Blazblue pre-chronophantasma isn’t very good. CT was hilariously broken ( even down to the system mechanics) and CS was too combo-heavy and had too much hitstun- making the game feel kinda slow. Everything changed in CP: The combos were shortened, character balance was at least bearable, and it introduced a lot of interesting mechanics and characters. While in CF these standards kinda fell because Mori doesn’t know how to design a fighting game, I still think it’s pretty good. So getting back to the topic: do you think Blazblue has evolved enough to be considered on par with Guilty Gear?

P.S- I’m talking purely about gameplay here, not content.



It’s been like that for a while


Well, that was quick. I wouldn’t say that. CS and DEFINITELY CT left something to be desired. I guess I haven’t been with Old Guilty Gear long enough to recognize its shortcomings.


I mean since CP it’s been good. I can’t speak on CS.


Who cares? Play your game, fuck what other people think.


I’m talking about other blazblue players. People who also play the game. It’s really to see what other people think about the lastest blazblues.


We have a thread…


What’s the name?


Guilty Gear xrd thread something about gulty pleasures.