Do you think EVO needs non-game events?

I admit a lot of us just come out to hang and see the best do the best. But perhaps there could be some other non-gaming related events that EVO could host officially or unofficially. I haven’t been to one actually, so I dunno if there is anything I’m going to suggest, but considering some of the massive threads in SRKgd, EVO is prime for some other entertainment. I mean ideas could be a freestyle contest, battle of the bands, bobbing for apples or other random shit like that.


I think there was an eating contest at Texas Showdown 5? I missed it, I would’ve totally dug that.

pls just let us have fighting games for 4 days a year thats all we ask, gd can have the other 361 i don’t want them anymore.

If its vegas again with a big stage for us to use besides the semi and grand finals on the last day of evo, we could use it for alot of cool stuff, the Eat Off thing seems really cool.
We can have some custom music playing in the background and Have a dance Battle Or whatever the hark you call it.

gaming is sick and all, BYOC , side tournys, money matches and upsets galore, but we need something else to enjoy our 4 day vacation from everyday life and just have as much of a blast as we can besides videogames. A Poker/Blackjack/Texas Holdem Table in the corner of the Gaming room would be pretty cool with chips and all, whether its for real money or not totally depends on the dealer i guess / viscant /.

The Food and Dance / Battle Thingy like i posted above i think would catch alot of attention if people got all into it. The Intro music might be back this year during finals for players so thats a nice plus, it sucked it wasnt there for Evo2k5.

A Joystick Vote off could be a neat idea. Have people bring in thier custom joysticks and see according to the crowd who has the best stick and maybe have a prize for em? Nothing that huge or anything, maybe like a free beer, burger, controller, nothing humongous, just a something to say wow you rock, heres something neato.

ill think of more later. Let this evo be the best yet.

Wheres Daigo?

I was there, man… You don’t want to see that. Men became no more than mindless, soulless beasts, intent only on eatting their burrito, and their competitors souls. They say nothing can change a man like war. They’re right. But fighting game eating contests are a far worse hell.

So … what’s stopping you from going into Vegas after the tournament?

Evo might not be in Vegas again, though.

Evo2k6 Needs In The Groove 2!!!

How about a DDR side tourney? Other than that, I honestly believe that a FIGHTING GAME TOURNAMENT doesn’t need a side event other than a costume contest or a best entrance contest or something like that. Not only that, but depending on the location, there may not be a reason to have a side event thanks to the attractions in that city. Think about it! And while you’re at it, SPREAD THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT!

DDR World Champion Mr. Wizard will make you regret this post. REGRET.

Personally, I think the Vegas venue itself provides enough extra activities (if you’re over 21).

DDR isin’t as good as ITG. And no im not a fanboy, I just think that ITG give the fans what they really want. :wonder:

Most of the ideas in this thread should be for events and dieas that are non Videogame related, just something to get our eyes of that flashy screen and get to know The srk members better, and just chill.

I think there should be side activities. It’s easy for some people to get burned out on 72 straight hours of gaming, and sometimes they want to do other stuff too. Vegas is cool, but if you’re under 21, it kinda sux. Stuff like getting to see the Alpha Generations movie was a nice break from the gaming (eventhough the movie was not good…).

umm, who needs side activities when you’re in vegas.

fuck it, pogs it is. that or a pms clan bikini contest, seeing on how they were the only females there.

rocks paper scissors ultimate side tournament

double elimination, 2/3, $1 entry

ITG 2 is a GREAT IDEA There As many People that play ITG2 as there is in MVC2,CVS2, 3RD Strike. I have friend play and take ITG2 very seriusly

I love it when people get serious about dancing games. It looks like those subliminal epileptic messages from DDR are working!

I still stand by Connect 4.

i was gonna bring uno but strakka didn’t come cause hes afraid of me made up some excuse about finals

No one beats me at RPS I will own all!!!