Do you think fighting game companies sometimes get offended by the communities?

There are a bunch of new fighting games coming out within the next couple of years from very well known companies (Namco, Midway, Capcom, SNK, etc.), and with the releases of trailers, tweets, and interviews, what tends to (naturally) follow is tons of speculation. I can’t help but wonder if any of the opinions are taken seriously.

For example, KoF13 hasn’t even been released stateside yet, and people are already hating on it (it’s in Japan arcades ffs). The recent SFxT promo released was highly criticized for the graphics, the characters in it, and for being a “severely dated tech demo”. Mortal Kombat 9 and MvC3 are still far from being released (neither game even being halfway done), and tons of people are already concerned about whether or not these games can be taken seriously on a competitive level.

Not to mention, the community also tends to be responsible for tier lists for games. Do you think companies appreciate when the community generates those? For example, the new SSF4 tier list that just came out has the majority of their new characters ranked low/bottom tier. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would be pissed if I was one of the Capcom employees responsible for the design or functionality of the new characters, only to be told that they suck (Juri low-tier? Hakan one of the worst in the game, even stated by Daigo? Damn, harsh).

What do you guys think? Do companies pay attention to our bullshit, or do they just read it and laugh while they’re at their large conference tables?


Positive or negative, it would be nice to know if our voices were heard.

WTF No, the companies don’t get offended… They use the (Japanese) players’ feedback to improve the games. Bitch louder= Better sequel.

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Why would anyone want to pay attention to bullshit

Honey Nut Cream Cheese. Real talk.

I guess that makes sense. It’s a little disheartening that the Japanese opinion matters more than the American one, though.

@Master Chibi strawberry cream cheese? really depends on the bagel

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It only makes sense. It’s also the opposite for games like MVC3, as it should be…

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I’m pretty sure several emotions can be made from feed backs but it does seem that these developer know how to keep them reserve and comply to them accordingly.

I think companies try to cater all potential consumers than single out some.

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Cream & Chives is simple and delicious.

And I can imagine Ono being a little sad after reading some comments on SRK, but I guess he could consider sold games as appreciation too. Then he can be very happy.

The opinion that matters is the opinion of the people that are being marketed to. In the case of SF4, I’d say the American opinion mattered more.

OP sounds 09erish :rofl:
Companies offended by tier lists??? :rofl: :rofl:

You want the community to just pretend that some characters arent shit :rofl:

SRK is always entertaining

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