Do you think it would suck balls if mvc3 had anything that resembled tvc?

This is not a suggestion thread. I’m simply asking what other players think about it. Personally, I think tvc sucks and hope only aspects of tvc that were directly inspired by the other vs. games cough mvc2 should be included. Who else thinks the vs. series went in a very bad direction when tvc was made and hopes capcom is very sorry for what they did to us and fixes it?

I’d much rather see more aspects of MVC2 in it.

In b4 lock.

I want to see waggle for ultra

Leave the 4-button input from MVC2 and I’m good.

I just realized MvC2 was 4 button and not 6… okay, i kid, i kid… not really…

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Hey every1 im new here. I’ll like to give my feed back on this topic. I dont think it will suck if MvC3 resembles TvC if anything its the other way around MvC2 that is.
The vs. series never went in a wrong direction its just that back in 99 or 2000 Marvel was asking for to much money and capcom didnt wont to pay or just didnt have the funds to do it and the series just stop. And if ya think about it if it wasnt for TvC, there wouldnt be no MvC3. TvC has done well in Japan and all and its a good game. Not the best of fighting games but at least we got something. I think MvC3 is in good hands and we should all be happy that its coming out so “GO FOR IT CAPCOM”!! :slight_smile: but never the less fighting games died in 2000 so dont expect any1 of these new fighters to be like it was back in the day but im glad that Capcom is trying.

Long live the great fighters that made fighters what they are today
3s,Garou MOTW,KOF98,MvC2

imo there should motion controls

next generation motherfucker

Why do people say mvc2 had a 4 button layout? there are 6 buttons, and you press them all a lot.