Do you think it's offensive to name a child a Japanese name?

Sup guys, i know a filipino couple that want to name their child Machiko.
Seems kinda weird though, because the child is not in any way japanese descent at all.

I didn’t say anything, but you think Japanese will think its offensive if they’re like, "Are you japanese?.."
And they be like, “no…”

Sorry, i don’t know cause i’m ignorant but it seems not right to me.

They had better not name the kid Dave. I’d be so offended because he’s not white.

hmmm, good point…

but i know japanese carry their family names with pride ya know.

Why the hell would it be offensive? Weird, yeah, but offensive?

Should call the little nigga Action Jackson Waxon Flaxon.

maybe offensive was a strong word.

i mean like, more in a mild manner.

they should have named the kid !bile

Name him -shawn. That’s pronounced Dashshawn.

I hear CZ is a good name for Filipinos.

I will call my son Ares, whenever that happens.

Anything is better than my girl wanting to name our first born “Planet”. Now if it was Saturn or Dreamcast that would be hella tight. That or Thanos.

Jonathan, Jorge, Joseph… Giovanni, Jolyne… All these are good names. If you want a Japanese name, Kujo would be a good name.

who cares?

Cultures should borrow names more often, so you cant label or stereotype people based on their name

Why the fuck would that be offensive?

I am surprised more black or white people haven’t given their kids names from video games like hayabusa or jubei or some shit

Would not surprise me if rza names one kid chang wu zen and the other hattori hanzo

I’m jealous of english names, french names sound so shitty.

As far as japanese names, I like Kenryo. In english countries, do you still have people who are named Ken?

“Kobe” Bryant isn’t a typical Japanese given name, but it’s Japanese in origin. He offends a lot of people for different reasons though.

Kobe Beef :slight_smile:

Mmm now I want some Neo Kobe Pizza.

i mean common sense has already given light to the issue in this thread, but to take issue over a name, which is nothing more then a string of letters and sounds, is some trivial shit for the future coconut tree beaters of society 10 years from now.

its actually still slightly shocking how much race, names, ethnicity, still matter so much in the social process, and even the job hiring process. name that little fuck boy kid whatever. who cares. plenty of asian mofos ridin around on fake ass classic “american” white names to advance, feel free to roll hard on a japanese name if you want.

name your kid, super skrull, for all i care. i understand the social concern for the kid, but youre looking at fucking purgatory or hell right now, when it comes to describing the earth. so who cares, go wild with the names. humans are finite anyways, and so are the cultures we create