Do you think KOF solidified a "Main" Place for EVO2K13?


[]Ton of worldwide entrants. To my knowledge it was third to both AE and Marvel.
]Generated a lot of viewers. This is nothing but good news for sponsors and the EVO Team.
[*]Opened a lot of eyes to the series and it got even more major exposure.
KOF has always been there. People have heard of it even if they have never played it. I just wonder how this years EVO affected it in the thoroughly mainstream audience. In my opinion this is the most important time for any fighting game to get this kind of exposure, as I believe that the “Big Game” AE2012 is, like it or not, beginningto run out of steam. (Great news for the new GG, SG etc)

I think that when people think of EVO, You think of Street Fighter or Marvel, you think of hype and amazing moments and comebacks. You think of the FGC community at it’s best, do you think KOF can have more of a “Place” in this?

I know the previous paragraphs made little sense. So I’ll just try and TL;DR it.

“Will KOF stand with Marvel and AE equally next year?”

I personally think no. But I would like to think it will come incredibly close.


i hope people in the u.s. wake up and realize what everyone else on the planet already knows.
that KOF>SF


Don’t turn this thread into a war pretty please with numerous cherries. All FG’s have merits.

I just want the question answered, and then respectfully debated like gentlefolk.


I think yes because your numbers 1-3. Once it got into Top 8 and GF, it did viewing numbers that not only surpassed EVO’11, but this years AE and almost got to Marvel’s viewing #s. AE will still be around at EVO, even after a few years of it starting to run low on steam, unless another SF replaces it (the natural order appaerently), but KOF I believe has several years to possibly be there. As an international game, it’s picking up steam in a lot of places, which will keep intl’ players coming every year it’s there; people do love those country-vs-country rivalries.

Has there ever been a game at EVO where many viewers call it (mainly finals) the highlight of the tournament, that didn’t show up the following year?


Yes I think they have solidified a spot.
It’s a very international game.
Unfortunately a good number of people just signed up for a T-Shirt and didn’t want to play at all.
Hopefully after witnessing KOF’s GF these people will turn around and actually try and play this game.


Unless it somehow dies abruptly, I have no doubt about it. A lot of international appeal.

Even if it isn’t 1000 again, 500 is a good amount and I highly doubt half or more than half of the entrants were just getting tshirts.


I don’t play KoF much, but I want to be mediocre at it now.

I hope it’s in the 2013 line-up. Grand Finals for that game was very hype and the commentators for it were very good.


3rd most attended
90,000 stream viewers, the MOST of ALL of Evo IIRC
One of the more international games in terms of stiff competition as a previous poster mentioned.

Goddamn better be.

Also, MLG is retarded for dropping KOF.


UMvC3 was like 98K


I stand corrected. I was too busy hoping Infrit would win wif da Sentness to look at the numbers. :stuck_out_tongue:


This GEM that snk has released would have to be the most heaviest contender in terms of “making it” at any EVO in the history of the series. The game is beautiful, with brilliant game mechanics to match…it’s also great to watch and even more so to play. The sheer numbers alone this game put out this year would prove that it’s got lastability (yes, i make my own words). The only downfall, IMO, is the fact it doesn’t have that well established name here in the states like the SF series or Marvel has. I mean honestly, if you approach a person who doesn’t play fighting games, they’re probably not even likely to know what KOF even stands for/is. More times than not, you get people who’ve at least heard/dabbled in Marvel or Street Fighter. But hey, that’s just my opinion…



Anyway, Soul Calibur has a much bigger name than KOF in America, and they didn’t get nearly the amount of people. Just saiyan…


As I said in the in UMVC3 stream thread - I didn’t care about KOF13. I didn’t care about KOF in the 90s either, but I did get hype for it’s Top 8 - enough so that I bought the game on Monday. I’d say as long as the game doesn’t fall off and keeps some sort of momentum, it’d be great to see at EVO next year.

SRK KOF players can do their part and lobby for a full, blown-out sub forum similar to what UMVC3 and SF4 have. Separate character sections, GD, etc. I think that’d go a long way to fostering a better discussion and getting new players.


Hurr, hurr, that is well put. But SC never really took off outta N. America/Japan (plus it’s boring as fuck to watch). I mean, hell, i don’t even play that no more…and i play everything…jus saiyan, lol.


Coming 2nd in viewers over AE is nothing to scoff at. Thats brilliant!


If KoF doesn’t have a solid spot for the next few years, I don’t think there’s really anything else it could do. The tournament was amazing start to finish, there were tons of hype matches, a huge world presence, and even a compelling storyline of whether or not Bala could defeat the entire world. We all know the outcome. The KoF community has plenty of interesting players, too, which is a big spectating deal when competing with the names and personalities of the Big Two.

Yeah, if 13 isn’t back next year on the main schedule (Bala vs. mad_kof runback alone is worth it) I’ll be shocked. KoF having a lasting spot, though, will depend on whether or not future entries in the series are as high quality and compelling. If future sequels suck, it’s very possible that the series will burrow underground a little bit, leaving 13 hanging out with '98 and 2k2, swapping war stories with the likes of GG and 3S about how it used to be somebody. If that makes sense.



KOF stole Evo and I for one am sooo excited for any KOF action period now


Fixed. :sunglasses:


nothing except AE and MvC3 has a solidified main place at this point. (although TTT2 is pretty damn safe)

KOF is great, but it also has some issues as a tournament game. That being said, it all depends on how it does at majors for the last half of the year.

If a lot of people show up to a lot of KOF13 events? It’ll probably get in.


Kof should stay for EVO2k13 it’s a godlike game.
I think Tekken Tag 2 will take MK9’s spot.