Do you think MK9 will be in EVO 2012?

So, obviously this is reeeeaaaally far off, considering this year’s EVO just finished. But do you think it’ll make the cut? I really hope so, since while I play a lot of other fighters, MK9 is by far my best game. I’d really like to go down to EVO next year when I have the cash to do it, and actually have a shot in a game.

Do you think the game will be alive that long?

I very much hope so. I also plan on making it down if MK9 returns. That was super fun to watch.

I think it will be. IMO the addition of the four banned DLC characters, in addition to the balancing the devs are going to be doing in the next few months, will be a good reason to see it at EVO again. That, and It did have a strong showing this year, so it’d be foolish not to have it again.

These are my thoughts as well.

AE, UMvC3, SFxT, SC5 or TTT2, KOF13 or MK9?

I would think so. Probably have MK9 and KOF13 on a separate stream though.

I’m hoping that there will be some kind of “Super Mortal Kombat Turbo Arcade Edition” edition with additional characters, moves, stages, and balances that will be released that will be at Evo 2012

Chances are it’s gonna be a “Mortal Kombat Game of the Year Edition” or something like that. You know how publishers like releasing that kind of stuff these days :wink:

I hope so though it might be MK10 or UMK9, Boon said that are already working on the next game

I think that it will return next year. During top 8 the commentators mentioned MK9 had about 500-600 entrants. That’s pretty then good. The top 8 was hype as hell. It’s chances of returning are pretty good

i doubt that SC5 will be out a year from now. a ton of dev work still needs to be done (the producer said at comic-con it was only 20% done i believe? as opposed to TTT2 which is like 80% done as harada said)

TTT2 will definitely be in arcade only at that time so you can count that one out. even if namco went nuts bringing TTT2 cabs american players wouldnt want to play because an overwhelming amount of them use pad only. alot of the MK players i know that play tekken (who were at evo with me) didnt even bother trying out TTT2 there because it was stick only, let alone playing in tournament with it

my predicition is SSF4AE2012 (rebalance version), UMvC3, SFxT, MK9, and KOF13

It depends on what happens between then and now. If there’s still a sizable offline community for it, I’m sure it’ll be at Evo next year. The game had a pretty good showing so things are looking pretty good, I think.

They said they’re working on a game, they didn’t say they’re working on the next MK. Pretty much everyone is expecting a Shaolin Monks-type game.

no people where asking him about story mode dlc as he tweeted that the team is already working on the next game story mode.

Pre-production for games generally takes about a year or so, based on my previous experience, so they probably won’t be going into full production mode for another year or so. I’m guessing we’ll see something at EVO 2K12 next year for the new game with a release in 2013… if the world hasn’t ended yet LOL XD

Hope they bring it back the game is still pretty new and the skill level still has a lot of room to improve it will be up to us players to keep the interest going until next year so everyone plan on getting mk at upcoming majors and attending anything you can! Our goal should be 800-1000 entrants with an even more hype skill base in top 32.

I’m thinking that MK9 won’t be played at the next EVO; I don’t think that enough players are going to stick with the game, and I think general interest is only going down from here. Don’t get me wrong, I would love if MK9 lasted, I just don’t think it will.

I hope so. Its the only newer fighter out right now that doesn’t give weaker/losing players a crutch like ultras or X-factor to make artificial comebacks with.

Things you are most likely to see at EVO 2012

AE 2012 update edition

Notice MK9 isn’t on there. Even IF BB2 were to somehow get eliminated, that’s still 7 slots that have already been filled with newer games that will be released very soon.

Although, I think a better indicator of whether MK9 will return will be how many “big” tourneys have MK9. For instance, HDR had plenty of entrants as well a year ago at EVO, but after that, no big tourneys had it, so Wiz canned it for said reason.

i.o.w., if you guys want to survive to make another EVO, make sure MK9 is at things like Seasons Beatings, Norcal/ Socal Regionals, UFGT, or pretty much any tourney that has AE/MvC3. Then, do your best to convince Wiz why SC and/BlazBue 2 shouldn’t be on there.

Well, you have about a year … well, its more like 6 months since they plan early, to make this happen.

Oh yes, at least one more patch wouldn’t hurt things for your cause.

Ready … GO!

I honestly believe it’ll be back. It came in third place as far as the amount of participants and the stream was in the thousands. If their really debating it I think they’ll be watching other tournaments to see how they turn out with the other games. If their numbers don’t touch MK9’s or come close then I couldn’t imagine any reason for them to drop MK9.

BB gets dropped for kofxiii
Ae gets dropped by sfxt
T6 for ttt2

That is how i see it. Mk9 stays since we will have all dlc by then and patches come out monthly. I mean shit if they made it an all team tag tourney

With all games being based on team kombat i would lol