Do you think Tag team games are the way to go?



I actually think it’s a good idea. It adds a lot of depth into the game as well as allow a large roster where character X wouldn’t be out shined by character Y, rather, they would find their own niche with the ability to pair up with someone else.


to be honest, I would like the 1 vs 1 fighting game concept to be kept alive. It’s where it all started. I feel it brings an element of honesty that a tag based game cannot deliver. Does Pokemon style tag based game count as tag based game?


I’d imagine it in a sense, since the pokemon in your team needs synergy such as typing or combos like weather teams. But I can’t compare pokemon with FG


when i refer to pokemon style teams…I make reference to fighting games such as CvS2 and KOF…you play multiple characters but in a 1v1 scenario. The only interaction is the turn based order and the meter sharing. I don’t consider these IMO tag based fighters. But I think the traditional 1 v1 fighter is still beloved by the FGC. Look at AE. Most of the fighters that are hot right now feature some sort of tag based element and yet Street Fighter IV has kept its charm thanks to its traditional 1 v 1 format.


Oh, ok. In competitve pokemon, switching is quite common so I didn’t quite get that analogy.
I wouldn’t call SNK FG as tag team games as they don’t freely participate in the battle, only when character 1 dies.


If it’s like MVC3 then I’d say no. Because games like this are built in a way that the characters aren’t full fledged characters on their own (because of their lack of individual tools and the system that discourages solo play with pushblocks etc.) and you need a team to somehow mimic the capabilities of a single character in other fighting games. This is evident when matches reach a 1v1 phase. So we get a fighting game where the life bar is directly related to the amount of tools you have. Imagine if in SF once Ryu loses 1/3 life he loses access to his low forward and jumping roundhouse. Another 1/3 life lost and he can’t do fireballs and dragon punches anymore. That’s what the slippery slope of MVC3 means. Capcom balanced it out by adding an extremely broken tool (XF) but I’d say a better solution is to think really hard and make a tag game based on an already established 1v1 system and characters, like Namco did in the Tekken Tag games.


SNK all the way baby! In all honesty, I prefer 1v1 because they are usually associated with a strong neutral game and an emphasis on footies which is huge plus for me. I never really liked the pacing of games like umvc3. Also, I think the term ‘tag’ is getting way too convoluted with recent games. DOA5 has a tag feature, does make it a tag team game?


A bit like TTT2. It has the capability of having 1v1, 2v1, or 2v2. So would you consider TTT2 to be a tag team game?


I say no.
I like to play games with teams (umvc3, cvs2, kof, ttt2), but i also like to play games where is 1vs1 like GG, BB, P4A.
Having different types of games is good


I prefer 1v1, or the CvS2/KoF style of teams.
Fuck the tag out shit… I’m over MvC2 at this point, and I’ve been on that shit for 9 years.


[FONT=courier new]It all depends… I can easily go from playing KOFXIII/CVS2 to playing Skull Girls or TTT2. Some of the said games provide players with options to go 1v1 or play multiple characters and switch out during your fight. I enjoy them nevertheless. Should tag team games be the way go? It depends on how the game mechanics, ideas, and set-ups are implemented… [/FONT]


I, to this day, do not get why every 1v1 fighting game doesn’t offer KOF style 2v2 or 3v3 team play. It doesn’t change anything about how the game plays its just multple games set to one round with meter sharing and it allows people to learn matchups faster.
Your average intermediate level KOF player is going to understand their matchups better than your average intermediate level SF player just because they have to either play or beat three different character every game. For a game maker its an extra mode to fill out your menu screen and its a training tool that players won’t get from training mode.


I think Tag Team games are certainly pretty damn good. However, I’d prefer if they were done KOF style. Like, imagine if MVC3 was 1 on 1 and KOF style? And hell, if they didn’t want to try that, they could just throw out some Alpha 3 + 3rd Strike Tag thing KOF-style and see how people like it.




If we’re talking like TTT2 or Skullgirls where the characters feel like full characters in their own right, then I love those kind of games. Still, I see tag fighters as simply another type of fighter really.


I say yes. It adds a bit more diversity and focus on team composition, and would certainly solve the problem of being stuck with bad matchups. I greatly prefer this 1v1, 1v1, 1v1 type gameplay, such as found in KOF and CVS2. No assists or any of that nonsense.


Oh man, CVS2 was awesome. We need to get CVS2 Online Edition like we did with 3rd Strike. Or hell, get one for Alpha 3 while we’re at it. Actually, give me CVS3, that would be amazing.


There will always be a fanbase for SF2 style games I think.


I want both. If SFxT had a solo mode it’d probably be my favorite fighter ever, edging out HDR and A2.


Japan absolutely hates Tag team games and prefer learning 1 character. Single character modes were added to TTT2 for that reason. I seriously doubt Tag team games will ever have widespread popularity.