Do You Think The New Injustice Gods Among Us Will Have More Fighters?

With new characters still rolling out in the soon to be released Injustice Gods Among Us im just wondering how many more characters can they announce before launch. The game is out in about a month and it seems they still have some characters to reveal even after the lastest two (Doomsday, Raven). Do you guys feel they are missing any key D.C characters from the game. Personally im hoping for maybe a more even number of female and male fighters. Wouldnt mind seeing Starfire, Beast Boy, Black Canary or heck even Martian Man Hunter (last one seems like a given). So who do you guys think they should reveal next. Sorry if this is already a post im not big in to searching deep into the forums for this stuff

Haha, the last line.

I hope they put just one MK character in. I don’t care if it makes no sense.
There are some good DC characters that don’t get enough attention. I understand that the classic characters are supposed to have their place, but tell me that you wouldn’t want to see some characters from the Vertigo line. Jesse Custer (Preacher) could play like Quan Chi, Dizzy Cordova (100 Bullets) would honestly be a million times more interesting than the Joker, and the psychos Lono and Jack are both a lot more threatening than any of Batman’s villains. Either one could be presented as the “Kano” of the game. Yeah they couldn’t beat Superman’s ass - who cares because it’s a video game: they’d be tough enough for Batman and they’re not as out of place as half the MvC2 or 3 characters.