Do you think the song 'Honest Eyes' deserves to be the theme of SFXT?

So we all know that in their promotions, their trailers, commercials and even the opening, it seems like Honest Eyes by Black Tide (If you don’t know what I’m talking about) is the theme of this game. So in your opinion, do you think this song fits as the theme or do you think they should of gone with something different?

Personally, I really like this song (fan of metal) as the theme and it’s because of this game that I literally listen to this song everyday, because it’s so awesome and gets me pumped. It also made me interested in this game.

Made this topic because nobody seems to talk about this song lol.

Works for me, its not even the type of music I listen to but it seems to fit the game well.

It’s no Indestructible, but I guess it works.

Honest Eyes has a serious lack of Flo Rida.

Its a good theme but according to the Wikipedia article, there’s like 5 themes? I personally loved this one by Hollywood Undead, “My Town” that played during the King/Marduk, Poison/Hugo, Cody/Guy trailer

Yes! That song was great too! It was because of that, I got the soundtrack for their album American Tragedy. I also liked the song song “Knock Me Out” by Stream Drum Corps (E3 Trailer)

Thank god it’s not like that song… that song was beyond horrible… the sad part is people heard it so many times it actually caught on…

If past-you (from before you heard the song 1000+ times) could travel to the future to meet present-you, he would bitch slap yourself for not just liking it, but publicly admitting it =)

Indestructible could just be the gayest song I have ever heard… This one is marginally better but not by much. Capcom need to get some real bands to do themes for them.

Crush 40 for SFV?

On another note, this song is balls. The video is cut very well though so the song fits. No idea why they wouldn’t just make a SF2/Tekken opening type opener. Like Kazuya Punching Ryu in the middle of a crowd and… I don’t know take it from there.

indestructible is going to be playing when i win evo 2012.

I thought it would’ve been cool if Honest Eyes played occasionally during the final boss battle, or maybe From Heads Unworthy when you pit Kazuya vs Jin. I dunno, with Capcom going through the trouble of licensing the songs, it woulda been pretty cool to hear them more in game. But whatever.

Indestructible was so horrible it was sort of catchy.

Honestly, who gives a shit?

Well after getting all hype about a game and actually watching the intro that first time I kinda care. At least this discussion isn’t another version of “fuck cashcom”.

Oh I want that

It’s good, but they should’ve just gone with this.

Hollywood Undead - My Town is awesome. I kept watching that sfxt cinematic cause of it

I actually think that song is badass and I love the intro

It suited it so well, as well. That was definitely the best trailer.


Also, love me some Black Tide, so this song is pretty chill. You hear Warriors of Time playing at Philadelphia Flyers games from time to time.

Why do people hate Indestructible? Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong Indestructible, maybe you guys hate a version that wasn’t made by Disturbed.