Do you think there is to much emphasis put on Roll Canceling

Ive been observing this for well over a year and wanted to see if what I saw was congruent enough with what I thought. I believe there is to much emphasis right now put on RCing in CvS2. Now im not talking about the really good players, im talking about the good to average to poor or begginer players. Its seems every week there is a new thread about someone starting CvS2 and wanting advice. Then not but a week later they want to know how to Roll Cancel. It seems people are getting away from the basics and trying to learn the more advanced parts of the game first. IMO I feel unless your efficient at footsies, spacing including throwing ranges, your characters moveset, the groove you play in, learning matchups, and being able to pull off effective combos on a regular basis, then you shouldnt even think about RCing. Ive seen alot of people that go look I can RC, yeah to bad you cant execute a basic combo.

I just feel alot of people try to put to much onto learning RC before everything else. I myself havent even bothered with it because im not comfortable enough with the other parts of my game to even think about roll canceling. Rant Over

i agree, you can’t run until you’ve learned to walk. some players get into the advanced aspects of cvs2 BEFORE they learn the basics.

but i think roll cancelling is a huge aspect of cvs2. frame data is talked about too much IMO.


Roll cancelling is only a huge aspect if you’re getting RCed to death. Even then, learning to RC won’t help much.

If no one roll cancels, there is no problem. I battle about once a week for a few solid hours with a close buddy of mine. We hardly ever RC. I average maybe 1 RC per battle. So that means I RC only 50 times a year. But sometimes we’ll just say fuck it, anything goes, RC all you want for the next 5 games. Then it’s an RC fest complete with RC electricity, fireballs, sonic booms and jungle hops.

In 5 games of RCing whenever a good opening is there, we each might get hit by 2-3 moves because of RC.

Sure, RC electricity beats most lvl3’s, but if you’re opponent knows that all electricity attempts are RCed, he’ll just block it. The RC player is doing a LOT of work for diminishing returns.

I do understand what you are saying but i think in order to be a good player you need to think for yourself. I mean, i don’t think it matters what order you learn what personally. I learned basic combos, some links but couldn’t do them good, learned how to rc, learned a lot of links and learned how to do them, and then learned footsies (which im still getting better at, you can never be too good at footsies). [not including gimmicks and tricks]

i think that the person trying to get better has to know why RC is good. and i mean, if they just want to learn rc’ing and don’t know why…they won’t ever be a good player just because their logic is totally fucked. a better player would be RELUCTANT to use rc’ing until they saw the use of it or FORESAW the use of it. anybody that learns it without wanting to know the use will not be good. [sorry if my opinion applies to u]

i think someone who uses A-honda/sakura/blanka/bison can actually skip learning footsies and just RC all day and do decent against a lot of player if not OWN them…unless you live near SVGL…


Can I rant too?

Unless they can also play other characters with some skill, I can’t bring myself to think very highly of A-Sak, Blanka, Bison players unfortunately. A-Vega is the even easier version of that team.

Honda players do not deserve any respect at all as far as I’m concerned.

They win with those characters, and think they’re masters of the game. Well, guess what? There’s always going to be somebody out there better than you are, and you continuing to play nothing but those characters using those easy to win with tactics is only going to hurt you in the long run. You’ll never progress beyond the level you’re currently at.

I’m not saying go all low tier of course. In fact, I recommend everybody learn to use and have at least one top tier character anchoring their favorite team. Continually sticking with easy tactics and characters just for the purpose of feeling good in the short term with some easy wins is one of the weakest things ever though. Not only does it permanently stagnate your skill level, but it discourages new players from joining the scene as well.

I’m not going to name any names here, but I know a P-groove player who wanted to start taking the game more seriously. Unfortunately, winning at all costs was so important to his supposed training partner that the P-groover never gets a chance. Who the fuck would want to play this game when the only other person you play with repeatedly beats you by using inescapable, CHIP DAMAGE, A-groove CC’s over and over?

Wanna play A-Blanka so bad? That’s fine, but show me you know how to win with an A-Shoto as well.

RC isn’t needed, but helps alot of characters be more offensive/turtly. I also agree that there is too much emphasis on RC. My friend pick up the game, and a week later was RC’ing, even though his execution/footsies/etc wasn’t that good at all. Hell I use S/K more than my A-groove, and even when I use A-groove I don’t RC but maybe once or twice a match. Fuck A-Blanka/Honda/Sak/Bison/Vega. I’ll stick to my A-Cammy/Rolento/Eagle, lol.