Do you think there will be an Evo 2014?

With the new generation systems coming out and the fact that the PS4 is trying out cloud gaming, how long do you think the fighting game community will be around? Do you think there will even be a Evo 2014?

Evo has been around already for more than a decade.
It has survived the Dreamcast, PS1-3, Xbox/360, Gamecube, and Wii.

As long as there is competition in fighting games…there will always be an EVO.

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A definite no from this man

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How would the release of the new consoles effect the fighting scene?? What does cloud gaming have to do with it?
To answer your question though; I see no reason why it would damper Evo next year. Hopefully, the new consoles can introduce some new things to the FGC.

Evo switched from Arcade to consoles. to even think…

“With Evo growing more and more successful every year, do you guys think there will be an Evo 2014??”

I wanna make Evo14, gonna miss this year



Why wouldn’t there be more EVOs? It’s like saying, will there be a Super Bowl or will there be a World Chess Championship. The world fighting game community views EVO as exactly those, a world fighting game championship/super bowl…

If PS4 goes the way of the XBone…
Evo to be held exclusively on WiiUs :wink:

Actually if this happens then why don’t we just go back to arcade cabs and PS2s…

do you think we can stop polluting srk with garbage threads like this one

I’m sure there will be evo next year

OP joined the forums 4 months ago and is already questioning the sustainability of THE premiere U.S. tournament that’s been going on every year since the late 90s. Makes sense.