Do you think they will ever patch the 3ds?


With the 2013 patch looming over our heads, also possibly being the final patch for the game, what do you think the chances of getting a revamped 3ds version are? I think it’s currently stuck in SUPER on 3ds still.


Huge SSFIV3D fan here. That said as much as I hope for a positive outcome, I’m afraid it looks unlikely. Just search around. The latest news is from months ago and features Mr Ono laughing in response.

I mean, it certainly is possible, and I do hope… but with no info on Capcom Japan’s HP etc…


Doubtful. It’s going to cost a lot of money in order to scramble a team together to patch the game, and since I’m assuming the game didn’t sell very well, it wouldn’t make any financial sense.


pretty hard to patch a game that has 1 button flash kicks


You can always set it so you can only fight others with the pro button layout so you can only bind normal attacks to the screen.

Anyway, I highly doubt anyone gives a damn about the 3DS version. I own it but I only played it to learn the very basics of Street Fighter. Now I have SSFIVAE on PC and there’s almost no reason to play the 3DS version anymore. The d-pad is just inferior to a fightpad let alone a stick.


Having someone walk up to me and flash kick without crouching is such a pleasurable experience.

Sometimes I wanted to play lite mode just to have a go at all the Guile’s… Then I realized I’d rather kill myself.