Do you think this guy's body looks like a woman's body?

If you think his body looks like a woman’s, what characteristics of it look like a woman’s body? Would you “hit it”?

(on the left)

(on the right)

(on the right)

I’d hit it but not because he has the body of a woman (He doesn’t).

Either way, pretty gay yo.

Just gonna go ahead and beat people who were thinking the same as me…

Dude just looks like he’s rocking the Real Fit Depends.


“pretty gay” - Perhaps, but I’m a chick.

Doesn’t excuse the fact that you asked a gay ass question…

Dude, we know it’s you in the pictures faggot. No one cares if you think you can pass for a woman. You are never gonna use your dick for anything other than a paperweight so you might as well hack it off now while you are still young so your mtf surgery wont cost too much.

Nice but no one will believe that. Just admit you like dudes with some junk in the trunk.

“Nigga, you gay.”

That’s what I was thinking. Word for word.

There is nothing gay about enjoying the aesthetics of a shapely bottom.
Its kind of like how people flock to Michelangelo’s David to look at his junk.
Or low angle gooch shots in pornos.
It’s not gay, Its art.

You don’t say…


this again.

Cisqo Disqo 2.0

would you fuck a man’s ass if it looked lady like enough.

Fuckin SRK lol…This is a good note to go to bed. Night folks!

@Valaris lock thread, I know a troll when I c it