Do you think we might be getting more Critical Arts?

Multiple supermoves have been a staple in Street Fighter and fighting games in general since Street Fighter Alpha.

Even Street Fighter IV started with at least one supermove and one ultramove, while characters in this game only have 1 “Critical Art”, and the V-Trigger is not quite like a supermove (well, it depends of the character)… Do you think we could be getting multiple critical arts anytime?

Remember Super Street Fighter IV added one extra ultramove for every character, but the update was so big it was necessary a new disc release, while Street Fighter V is said to feature only DLC updates… Do you think it’s possible characters will be eventually updated with extra Critical Arts?

Maybe in a future patch but I’m not expecting it at launch

Possibly. Dont think it’ll matter too much since the last builds have solidified that V Triggers and EX moves willl have greater importance than supers.

I think they should make with every character what they did with Necalli. That V-Mode enables you to perform a second version of the super.

They should find a way to do the same to everyone else…

That’s the best shot I think we’d have to get a new super for everyone…

Or maybe they’ll just do what they are gonna do when they’re gonna do it lol

Of course it’s possible. How else is Capcom gonna market a Super Street Fighter V update in 2018? :wink:

Ken does say “Shinryuken” in his sound files so it’s possible at some point of SFV development multiple supers were planned. Adding them in future patch seems logical.

Ono also mentioned that it’s possible that a future update might introduce alternative versions of the characters which I don’t think is a good idea but he’s probably trying to see how people will react to what he said.

So far, SFV treats supers as damaging combo enders, with the exception of Dhalsim’s which has some utility as a pressure tool built in. Unless the trend changes a lot, I think the utility will largely remain in the V-Trigger mechanic, and supers will continue to be “just damage”. If that’s the case, there is little reason to add extra supers.

Hopefully, i need dat Shinn Shoryuken for Ryu

Also Dictator’s U2 was awesome

Yes. But only if during V-Trigger he teleports behind you instead of doing the full flight, like his V Devil Reverse. Psycho Punisher will be SAVAGE IN SFV!

Now that has me interested quite a bit. You just said alternate versions. If they go the mkx route with multiple types of the same person…ohhhhhhh the thirst came back.

Games like Alpha 3 and 3S were more varied because of different supers and variations. It’d be nice if that came back.

ex-dp homie

and in Denjin mode it has lightening effects.

Multiple selectable CA’s likr 3s SA’s would be awesome.

Didn’t Ryu actually say “Shin-Shoryuken” in an older build? I hate how it sounds now… it’s just an elongated “Shorrrrryuken” which does not match the animation at all.

No, in the older build (ever before E3) he said “Kurae… SHOORYUUKEN”

I see that happening. 3s and 4 had selectable Supers.

All good but none of this hype

Cvs2 and third strike shin shoryukens were my faves

Alpha 3 shin shoryuken worst.

It’s stuff like this that makes me thing that selectable V-triggers are more likely than Critical Arts.