Do you think we will ever get ports of Capcom's more obscure fighters?

Street Fighter Alpha Collection will be a nice game indeed. but since Capcom is out of the fighting game business, do you think they will port other more obscure fighting games. Fighting Games such as Red Earth, Tech Romancer, and Project Justice? I think that would be good.

your thoughts

Red Earth is highly unlikely… tech romancer is teh same

PROJECT JUSTICE on the other hand :slight_smile:

good shit

Why not Red Earth? or Tech Romancer?

What do you feel about Plasma Sword?
I’ve never played Plasma Sword or Red Earth. I’ve seen videos of Red Earth, and it looked quite fun. I played Tech Romancer once, a few years back. I remember I enjoyed it alot.

The PSP are getting Power Stone Collections and Pocket Fighter, they’re pretty obscure, Project Justice could get a possible PSP too port because it’s on the same kind of level. I’d love to see a CPSIII Collection like, I doubt it would happen but with the rate Capcom are pumping out the ports lately I wouldn’t rule the idea out completely.

It’s an average game. Can be mildly amusing but not something to ever take seriously.

Capcom has enough trouble getting decent ports of popular games out the door without screwing them up somehow and pissing people off, I doubt they’ll bother doing more given the poor sales those games got the last time Capcom tried bringing them here eg. Jojo and Rival Schools.

So 3rd Strike, CvS2 and the up coming Alpha 3 aren’t correct ports? They may not be making Street Fighter IV but in my eyes they’re doing something decent for once. If things go well for them with what they’re doing who knows how far they’ll go with it.

I would imagine if they ever did this it will be in the future when emulating these is no problem and they can all be included on one disc, just like the recent capcom collection.

they’re not popular

worse case senario I would like to see tech romancer and red earth to be on the capcom classic collection series.

Though I hope a rival scool collection is made.

xbox live re-releases of these would turn me on

I think capcom will have a hard time releaseing all those disney games that they made for NES. Disney would for sure want a cut in that and that might be too expensive.

I disagree; I feel that some people get a bit too picky. While not all of their ports were exactly arcade perfect, they were still awesome. I’m not saying we as people should settle for less, but I feel we could be more appreciative of what we have. I hear people say that things like Street Fighter Alpha 3 for the Dreamcast is horrible, or Street Fighter Alpha 2 for the PSX is horrible. While they aren’t exactly 100 % perfect, calling them bad games is way too far. I think one of the reasons why Capcom dropped out of the fighting game business, was because the fans were so unappreciative.

Its not really fair to say games like Red Earth had poor sales, as it never had a home release. Though I fear many would find it distasteful because it only has four playable characters.

Is it really official that capcom has dropped out of the fighting game business?

I don’t know about that. Capcom has been very surprising lately.

Their 4 strongest flagship series (devil may cry, onimusha, viewtiful joe and resident evil) all had recent games releases or at least projects in development

Capcom also attempted to bring back the beat’em up category with beat down and final fight streetwise (though unsuccessful at least they tried)

capcom ventured into first person shooters like darkwatch and without warning

Capcom ventured into on-line playing with monster hunter(with part 2 coming)

Now recently capcom is hoping their 2 biggest projects of lost planet and dead rising will add the the many other ongoing franchise flag ships.

There’s no telling what capcom will do next.

Id love to see capcom release more obscure fighters. maybe a classic collection vol. 2? red earth,tech romancer, power stone (screw psp), cyberbots etc. Id like to see final fight 2 and 3. even though those werent NEAR as good as the first.