Do you think we will ever see a orginal series /cast anymore? Or those days are over?


Will any of these companies ever make a original FG series, except milking off 10 to 20 year old franchises.

I’m not trying to scream laziness, I like the return of streetfighter, tekken, etc… But how many times are we going to see ryu, deviljin, wolverine,felicia etc… with better graphics or crossover.

Do you think we will ever see any originality anymore? All I’m seeing is old games with a face-lift.

I’m speaking for companies not random ass doujin games.

PS: The newest is BB, but from the looks of it with DLC, there going to milk that cow for another 10 years.

I just want whats your perceptive on this, you think we will ever get another serious fighting game with a original cast? Or will the closes we will ever get is new characters thrown in current series.


they kinda tried with Mortal Kombat vs. DC but that entire franchise if full of fail imo.
i think itll be a while before we see one. and if we i doubt itll be made by capcom or namco


Answer a question. Why should they? Let’s say you make a huge hit fighting game. You’ve got a great cast, good engine, etc. Why should you make a new one and potentially alienate your old fans while not gaining any new ones, when you can make a sequel to your old game with newer mechanics and cast additions instead of a whole new cast. It’s basic business.


Look at doujin/indie games or some of the less popular games and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.


It’d require people actually give a shit about games that aren’t Capcom/Namco though. Lol.


We can only hope that when fighting games gain popularity people be more critical eventually.
The blasé created by SFs etc. might be a nice chance for indie/doujin fighting games. Like for example Type-Moon that was able to go from doujin to commercial developer.


instead of complaining just make one yourself! amirite!?!?!?!?


Yeah I’m theorizing a couple right now, but I have to get on the path of acquiring game designing skills first and maybe in about ten or more years one of those will fruition and y’all would talking about it. A lot of stuff I see here combat and design wise is starting to look the same.


Well there’s Melty (though the characters are licensed), Akatsuki, Chaos Code, and Arcana Heart though…

MBAA was the last version French Bread supported, so it will die soon enough.
As for French Bread’s new game, its pretty much a random doujin so far, but I heard they wanted it to be a Blazblue Killer.

Akatsuki’s newest version looks like shit, I thought it was a joke for a second.

Chaos Code is taking its sweet time to get off the ground.

Now Examu may have something with Arcana Heart. Sure, it has two sequels and is probably their cash cow for a while. However, the cast additions, gameplay, and presentation looked and felt fresh for all three, making it about the only series that “evolves” nowadays.

Of course, you try to hype an all girl series with a slow first game, a shoddy port for the 2nd game, and rarely any cabinets for the third. The best and only possibility of it succeeding so far is if Arksys releases it riding on Blazblue’s popularity.


What’s the difference between a new game with new mechanics or a new version of an existing franchise with new mechanics? Would SF4 somehow have been a better game if they had changed around character names and models?


Probably, because at least then people wouldn’t be complaining about their characters not working as they did in previous games.


Examu also did Daemon Bride recent-ish and will be publishing Monster as well. One is arguably also anime and one is pretty much furry though. Lol.


Yes, because then the characters might at least look cool.


I could see a new Capcom fighting game after Marvel vs Capcom 3, SF vs Tekken, Darkstalkers 4, and probably another version of SF4 if either of those happen. I think it’ll be many years til we see SF5. So that’ll be something in between.

New Fighting games IPs are risky right now. Most new IPs are risky right now. Games are costing more to make than they are making unless they’re big hits. And a new fighting game IP has a big chance of not being a hit honestly. Only the big ones sell, which is why only the big ones are still around.

Fighting games are making a comeback, so we could see a ‘me too!’ game or two from producers that usually don’t make fighting games. Not like the SNES or PS1 days, though. (Which is probably a good thing…)


Well I have a perfect concept for an original fighter. It’s a 3d fighting game with an all-female cast, kinda like the 3d equivalent of Arcana Heart, but having the sex appeal of DOA. It would have a wide range of content, such as modes, outfits, and bonus material. It would also have a fighting system that’s almost as deep as VF and almost as fast as DOA.


Valve should make a fighting game.


I find it weird that whenever someone asks this they either forget or exclude Blazblue.


If that was the case, then no one would have picked up SFIV until 7 years down the line when Daigo makes an amazing comeback againt JWong at EVO.


…! I get it!


Because it’s a Chinese knockoff bootleg version of GG.

It is “technically” a new IP, but it doesn’t feel at all like it.