Do you truly feel that (in it's current iteration) a ryu vs sagat matchup is 5-5?



I ask because it just seems that ryu’s footsie tools combined with sagat’s forward hitbox and slow normals make for a pretty uphill battle. I’m aware of zoning, but it can only go so far before that fight is in the mid range and i find that once there its a problem throwing LTS and ryu’s down forward is just too safe.

I guess what im really asking is…how do you deal with ryu in terms of footsies?



Oh and one more thing i forgot to add. I seem to regularly get lp dragon punch out of most of my bnb combos. This is especially true when i connect jumping in. Funny thing is that i can do the combos without a hitch in practice mode, however in a fight situation its a 50 50. cr lk, cr lk, cr lp, hp tu is safe right?


youre getting dp’ed out of that combo on hit?
if thats the case you’re just not cancelling the cr jab properly.
As far as the match-up goes, I personally believe it is 5.5-4.5 in Ryu’s favor.
I find that standing short, standing forward, and crouching fierce work well in the mid range.
I also recommend that you work on using karaTU to punish sweeps on block and when they’re whiffed.
Do you use ultra 1 or 2?
Although both have their advantages, I find that ultra 2 gives gat a significant edge in the zoning game.
I’m definitely not all that good, so take what I say with that in mind.


Ulra 1. I can hit the ex tu ultra 1 link relatively consistently even online, plus the damage is just…too good.

Yeah i get dp’d out of a hit bnb…im probably not timing it right ( and from that you can gather that i’m no bonchan myself)

I’m new to this game…been a guilty gear player for some time but made the transition to streetfighter a few months back. I do use standing medium kick and forward lk as well and they work well, however, i find that I always end up in the corner because ryu just has faster normals. but yeah i guess crouching hp would be useful.


If youre having a hard time vs ryu, I’d say controlling space and the pace of the fight is more important than raw damage potential.
That being said, I recommend you give ultra 2 a try.
Ultra 2 will force to Ryu to be a lot more mindful about throwing hadokens and sweeps.


Yeah I figured, but most ryus i face seem to give up on the fireball war and just want to get it to the mid range or get within cross up range for shenanigans. hence ultra 1.

Will give it a whirl though and see how it goes. in your experience whats the best time to hit the ultra? on reaction to a fireball? I saw bonchan do that to daigo on an ex fireball at point blank range and honestly…i do not have the reflexes for that.


ultra 2 on reaction to a blocked/whiffed sweep or fireball.


noted…thanks man… u been helpful…is it me or is it kinda quiet here?


hopefully more ppl will be active once ultra is released.


You can whiff punish Ryu’s with if its not spaced at the tip.

Win the fireball game and once he gets you in the corner you need to be patient and block.


yeah noticed i can get some mileage with standing short. as for the corner…i guess that’s all i can do, lol. normals are too slow, besides cr lp.