Do you use df~lk a lot?

df~lk provides a stable anti-air and can combo into uc2 for more damage.
However, since I’ll lose back charge when performing a df-lk, I actually rely on backdash,s.fierce more.
Similar reason I don’t use a lot.

What do you guys think of this? How do you mix df-lk into your games? I’d appreciate any good advice.

I pretty much only use df+LK against Cammy and Rufus to counter their dive kick. I should use it more, but I haven’t taken the time to really get used to the timing.

For a situation not to use d/f lk. ^ Man, I have a Rufus on my buddy list who would corner me with his scary dive kick pressure then rape me with his scary dive kick pressure in the corner. :_: I finally leveled up fighting him one day and started using cr. hp os tech and it COMPLETELY turned the match around. His counter-hit set-ups were way too tight to catch me pressing buttons (online meta-game of jab mashing can be rough on tech traps :confused: ) AND I was actually teching throws with it. So when that didn’t work, he adjusted his dive kick heights, but his pressure just wasn’t the same. It was awesome.

I am one of those Chuns who don’t really care about charge when it comes to footsies. Often, I use st. mk (or j. fierce, or j. mk) when I am walking forward, or when I have JUST started to walk backwards to throw a fireball, or right after I throw a fireball so whatever, I can charge after I anti-air them if I really want a fireball.

BUT d/f lk is better than st. mk in almost every way except for meterless damage. You can juggle ultra even on trade; eat your heart out Ryu. Dash ex legs makes up for damage and gives you a knockdown you are super familiar with by now. You might even be able to stomp if you d/f lk if you do it low enough (I am stingy with meter). The only thing st. mk is better for is that it automatically cl st. mk for you, which is great vs crossups (but it fails in situations where jump back fierce is the better option).

I was playing vs a Zangief, and you know how he likes to mix in between jump fierce and jump mk. Jump mk is a bitch to anti air, and it beats or trades often. Same with jump fierce, but less good. St. MK trades way too much, but d/f lk beat those things CLEAN with the same timing as st. mk.

In conclusion, if you are using terrible anti-air choices to keep charge, d/f lk is the anti-air for you. What better time to charge than when your opponent is knocked down?

Does this help? I was kinda curious so I whipped this up real quick.

I only ever use it against Condor Dive spammers or Rufus really, for the same reason as the OP. I also don’t feel overly comfortable with the timing of it so don’t use it much, if ever, outside of those matchups.

d/f lk has much more priority and active frames, but slower start up. I figured that even though d/f lk has less vertical range, using it with the same timing as st. mk works because of its slower start-up. The opponent spends more time falling on top of the hit-box. But it doesn’t beat cl. mk in terms of specific instances such as when you are using poke strings that you know your opponent can jump over, but you barely have enough time to use a quick anti-air on reaction – cl. mk.

As far as I’m aware, you can only follow df+LK with headstomps in the corner (which almost never happens, it would mean someone would have to put themselves in the corner first, then jump back when you were close, then allow you to anti-air them). I don’t think you have enough time after df+LK hits to dash and then headstomp, though I could be wrong.

Something I do love doing though is if I get a focus crumple in the corner, wait until the opponent drops onto their knees and then hit df+LK to launch them, then jump and do headstomps.

Style +1

I heard somebody say it’s good on jump-ins and that it’s best to do it when they reach the apex of the jump’s arc. I think I’ll use it more on people that like to just keep jumping in with an annoying, high-priority attack to keep you in. Man now I wanna test that haha

I wouldn’t know as I haven’t really implemented it into my game (I should), but it seems that it works best where you feel like s.HP and s.MK would fail. It seems to hit just in that middle ground between where far MK and close MK hit.

Either way, it looks like it’s much more reliable as an anti-air because its priority is so high. I’ll look into using it more.

It really does hit in that middle ground, but also in front of and behind it. It has really, really, really good priority and versatility. It’s just the speed… vs Balrog, I might still use st. hp because it’s faster and ducks you a little bit, and his jump ins happen so fast.

You can combo stomps mid-screen. You just have to be anti-airing close enough to dash then walk forward and instant stomp. The whole thing is pretty specific. It does more than dash ex legs and it’s meter free, though, so I’m all about looking for that when I can.

Careful with d/f lk against gief’. I found out the hard way during a tourney that he can U2 a d/f lk AA attempt. He sat down and goes “okay, got some new tricks for you” and then proceeds to hit me with it, my jaw dropped, after that I used when he had a stocked U2. Turns out she’s technically airborne during the move :rofl:


I learned something new today. Thanks!

Took me months to get used to it, have managed to work df lk into pretty much every match up.
It’s worth doing, clean hit into u2 is tight and all, but even without ultra I love landing df lk -> dash forward EX legs against people.

I’m finding it really easy to gain a life lead \ pressure people with superior pokes and force them into becoming impatient enough to try to jump in on Chun in super, df lk’ing into EX Legs or stomps in those situations is the truth.

You can do it midscreen, it’s just that the spacing/timing is tight enough to make it unreliable combo video only nonsense.

I’m trying to put into my game, but that fact that it has so little horizontal range makes me wary of using it against, say Gief, because I’m scared they’ll just empty jump pile-driver. That and I’m still working on getting the follow ups to actually come out properly in a match.



Well not only that but he can catch you in other otg moves as well, D/f + lk, SBK (either) backdash, D/F + Hk, Hassenshu, pretty much anything that puts you in the air loses to Giefs U2.

If a Zangief has U2 your gonna have to be very careful on how you escape certain situations, Giefs use U2 not only as an anti air grab but a way to pacify your escape and wake up tactics forcing you to not do any of it so he can jump in and get a free command grab. Your only answer is to not get Knocked Down and stay way above 50% health.

I never used it before but now I’m starting to see the value in it. Most people look down on it so you can land it constantly and people will still try jump at you it seems (unless they’re smart enough to adapt). It shuts down a lot stifling jump in games from a lot of characters I think. Going to try to use it more often.

Which also makes it a funny crouch tech bait sometimes (but not really useful, as it’s unsafe on block).