Do you use Remote Play for games?


I can’t really tell you why I’m asking, but how many of you guys use Remote Play for games? If so, how do you feel about it? Would a game that supports this feature affect whether or not you would purchase it?

If not, do you use it at all? What do you use it for?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


No, I don’t use it.

I think it’s gimmicky, but I can’t say that because I haven’t tried it out yet.


I use it for games and video. It’s a pretty fantastic, undersold feature. (For someone like me. I’m always sent to different countries in my line of work)

I was actually just showing a co-worker the other day (who just bought a PS3, yay!) how I could play games at work on my PSP via remote play, and he said he’s getting a PSP “for his kid for Christmas” haha. He’s always traveling with his family, so that’s a pretty nice feature to not have to take tons of movies etc with him.


What games does it work with?


I don’t use Remote Play & it doesn’t factor into my buying habits one bit. I’ve said it before but I don’t like playing on the PSP itself due to it’s ergonomics, & I pretty much unplug my PS3 from power altogether when not home for extended periods of time.


I try out Remote Play for games and movies, but it lags even when I’m using my PSP on my local network. I blame the fact PSP uses only wireless-B. I can stream HD movies from my laptop no problem.

If they can get the next PSP to use wireless-G and N, AND Bluetooth, I would use Remote Play all the time.


i havent used it once, and im pretty sure i dont even know what it is or if i have even tried to explore to find out what it is.

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I tried it once when I first got BB, it was kinda laggy.


If it works with Little Big planet, I’ll try it out.


I have used remote play for two games: Bionic Commando Rearmed, and Street Fighter EX. On both occasions, the games were too laggy to be playable.

Remote Play is a neat idea, but I think it would be much better if you could use it to install games onto the memory stick and play games on the PSP without being dependent on the PS3.


Nah, I strictly use my PSP for PSP games.


I like the idea, but have never used it because when I first got my PS3, I didn’t have a PSP. Now that I have both, I had forgotten about it until I saw this thread. I don’t get to game nearly as much as I’d like so I still have plenty of games on all systems I own that I have never beaten or in many cases, never played. Due to that fact, I don’t really think I would need to use remote play, but again, I like the idea.


Hardly ever. It’s a bit slow. I hope the PSP2’s is faster.


never used it but i haven’t looked into it. The idea of playing stuff on a psp when a perfectly good PS3 is sitting there idling seems kinda dumb. it’d be better if it worked the other way.


:wonder: I’ve never tried it. Same reasons that Monte just posted… dood.


Actually I never used this feature since I don’t own a PSP but I always wanted to know how this feature works. Anyone care to explain it in more depth?


I fucked with it awhile ago and never saw any real reason to use it :confused:


i used it a few times to watch some stuff but thats about it.


I tried while playing Silent Hill. Kinda slow but could be worse. I really don’t see the point for using remote play anyways.


no, i don’t use that shit.