Do you video record anything anymore?

I watched a flashmob video of a group dancing to “Dancing in the Street” which lead to me clicking on a sponsored dance of 100 girls (or showgirls) dancing to Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” in London. One thing that was very apparent was the amount of cameras that just showed up in people’s hands recording the event that is happening to them. Instead of watching the performance, they were watching the performance on the screen of their camera. This sort of reminded me of a friend of mine who I went out to see a fireworks display held annually in our city and she wanted to record it but didn’t know how to work the camera properly. So I took it out of her hands and set it up so it could. She felt a bit guilty that I had to take up cameraman duties and said I don’t have to do it, but stubborn as I am I said “No, I can do it, just watch the show.” It was a small bump that didn’t ruin the experience but it stuck with me.

Basically I’m wondering if any of you guys ever just pull out a camera, or cameraphone and just start recording some event happening before your eyes rather than just sit there and enjoy the experience. Or are you just there looking at the event through your viewfinder to keep it steady so you can record it, just like the possible dozens of other people also doing so. I could understand this decades ago because back then having a camcorder was a luxury and being able to record was for special personal events. I also understand personal things like recitals and such. But now with the ease of access and portability, does it even matter for larger more public events? Couldn’t you just rely on the dozens if not hundreds of people to record the video and just reference it to any number of video sites?

I suppose this thread can evolve into a Luddite topic about how technology usually reserved for home personal use is more commonly used outside of the office and home setting and in real life.


I do both. Recording and watching. Its really something to capture the moment (to look at in the future) and share with others.

I get sick of being the camera/video camera man all the time when we go to outings/vacation…They are fucking heavy & bulky…I would like to just enjoy seeing what im seeing but uhh from some reason the asian wife wants to keep it as a memory to show off to all her friends/family.

I got a couple sex vids too, which is nice…

lol casting couch? :devil:

Nothing good comes on anymore. I only recorded cartoons, but now it’s all this stupid flash shit with kiddy characters, so no. All the shit that was worthy of recording is dying (still working on getting a few eps of Nelvana’s Franklin, but they’re only shown like 3 times a year), or available online via torrents.

I had this happen most strikingly to me while I was in Tokyo.

My travelling partner and I had gotten very drunk the night before and slept through our appointment to go see the Miyazaki musuem. By the time I got up, my friend had gone out someplace. As it was Sunday, I decided to head over to Yoyogi Park (a lot of stuff goes on there on sundays) but it was getting to late afternoon by the time I got there.

Well, by random chance there was this sort of hippy ‘Earth Day’ thing going on. Lots of veggie/vegan food, beads, all that jazz, and of course the music. There’s a main stage and the highlight by far was at the end where all the headliners got up (including some veteran famous female vocalist and her daughter who is also a singer, and who was carrying her baby in her arms!) and did some songs together. It all came to a peak when they started doing a Beatles song, what was it now… Hey Jude, or All You Need is Love… or something like that. Well, as you know if you’ve heard them, the Beatles could come up with truly magical choruses, plus I’m from uk so it’s all rather splendid to be a part of, and so I figure I’ve got my camera, get it out and capture this magical holiday moment!

So as I’m fiddling around with the camera the absurdity of what I was doing struck me. Holding this goddamn camera up and viewing it through the lens. I actually detached from the event just a little in the act of recording it, and never got quite back into it in the same way I was before I got that bloody camera out. I didn’t even get any good footage (shitty camera) and I put it away quite soon after I’d got it out, but still… just having that thought “ooh, I should record this!” fucked it up a bit. Would have been better just to snap off a few pictures.

However, I do wish I’d taken more pictures while I was over there. Video recording is much more intrusive than photograph taking, I think. And I do now enjoy taking photographs while I’m walking around in natural places, and should have done a lot more of it in Tokyo too.

Oh, nearly forgot: the one thing I have started video recording a lot is me playing videogames! Love watching vids back, and just the act of recording the vid and doing the commentary. I’m doing Valkyria Chronicles at the mo ( ) and next will be Jet Set Radio.

I try to place the responsibility of recording events to someone else because, like others in this thread, I become detached from the experience as soon as I am watching through a viewfinder. Ideally I would watch and enjoy on my own and still be able to go back and replay it on tape/video in order to relive the experience I had the pleasure of actually participating in.

the bigger the cameras in small cellphones, the more often I record video. Sorry, camcorders or even still cameras aren’t the best at spur-of-the-moment recordings.

But if I can get a little deep with yall… I hate recording ‘events,’ because it almost never looks as good as real life. My fading memory gets it right-- cameras take that moment, deteriorate it, then make it look grainy (or dark, discolored and blurry on video). I’ve seen the same problems on film, optical and HDD… they make my past look like shit. Only the highest quality cameras and the most skilled photographers manage to capture a moment in time without it looking ‘old’ compared to the present.

And fuck it, let’s think about 9/11. An extreme case, but I KNOW everybody here 18 and older remembers exactly what you saw and heard… and smelled, and felt, that day… some more than others. Those extra senses are trapped in you forever because cameras can only get sight and sound. Now look on Youtube and look at all those 9/11 broadcasts-- I know it’s just Youtube but it’s the same muddy quality video that’s shown on those anniversary specials. Kids younger than you will never get what that day was really about, just like you when it comes to the other earth-shaking events that happened before your time.

I always record my fighting game matches as well as those of top players.