Do you want a very difficult mode in MVCI?


I remember playing the most difficult mode in x-men: children of the atom and i really love the fact that i can only win against the final boss Magneto a few times only. I also remember the most difficult mode in naruto ultimate ninja storm on my psp and even on stage/round 1, i already had a hard time beating the cpu.

So i hope in mvci we get easy mode, normal mode, hard mode and very very hard mode. I want the very very hard mode to be very difficult starting from the first stage.

The hardest move in umvc3 wasnt really hard and i only have difficulty beating Galactus if the characters i use are the ones without long range attacks usually. But if for example, you use Storm, Sentinel and Morrigan, its easy to beat Galactus.

So i hope they will make the hardest mode really very difficult to win.

Do you, fellow mvci fans, like my idea?


I would be okay with this. Out of all of the bosses in this series, COTA Magneto was the only one that was really cheap and difficult. Onslaught had his moments as well, but everyone else was pretty simple. Abyss was the easiest by far.


There’s already a very difficult mode. It’s called “online mode”.


Who cares? Once you start playing against real people even the hardest CPU mode becomes pathetically easy. Only folks who don’t bother to learn the game have a hard time with the single player in these games.

Galactus is not a hard boss. You just hit him until he dies.


Galactus is the Cyberdemon of video games


I want Marvel


Cyberdemon is the Cyberdemon of video games.


Cyber Akuma wasn’t a joke either.


Psychojosh ain’t that tough a player. You just hit him until he dies.


Nah, fuck input reading.


Want it difficult and even better than it could possibly be? Just copy and paste over using MvC2 engine. Then you’d have a smash hit.


Yeah I want the difficult mode of a version of this game with all the supposed DLC in the box day one.


I want it to not have a single player mode so ya’ll can cry about it again.


What is this single player talk you speak of?


Just imagination,it would be nice if they implement a mode that the cpu mimic real human behavaior,like combo dropping,eat and does mixups,change strategiest,this is a mode that every fighting game really needs but never happened.Its not technically impossible either.


But even then, you’d just have an AI that flowcharts while changing up due to an RNG. While still being somewhat predictable.

Unless you’re running some sort of neural network, you can’t truly simulate human psychology, not in a totally real manner - not like you can make an AI realistically play on tilt now.