Do you want to see Team Sp00ky stream EVO 2011? Petition added!

If the answer is yes, then post up in this thread to help Sp00ky get to stream the biggest fighting game tourney this year!


Of course.

The man is producing more then half of the EVO qualifying events all around the US and internationally. He definitely deserves a bid at the EVO 2011 stream.


Great Stream Great everything He should do Evo 2k11


Yes, definitely. A lot of my fighting game friends that are casuals, but watch streams know Team Sp00ky more than the other streams now. It seems like Team Sp00ky is becoming a fighting game house hold name.

Vote +1 for spooky.

Sp00ky has done a great job quickly working out whatever issues arise with their streams. Given that I don’t want to miss the end of grand finals again (and can’t afford the trip to Vegas right now), I’ll throw my vote in for a Team Sp00ky stream of Evo 2011.

Team Sp00ky for Evo2011. Make it happen.

Sp00ky is ridiculously awesome; I have no doubt that he would do a fantastic job of streaming EVO. He could probably even do it without having a stream crash in grand finals of the main event.

Yes. Nothing against Level Up. But Sp00ky should get a chance.

SpOOky for sure. LevelUP already had their chance and they sold out the community big time. Do I want to see Sessler on the mic again? Fuck that shit and give SpOOky a chance. If they fuck it up then it’s even with LevelUp but now it ain’t.

Yes Sp00ky is the best there is at what he does, and you can see how much he cares with every stream.

That’d be absurdly awesome.

I want in somehow, haha.


Yes. Spooky is the best streamer in the community.

Spooky has done a really good job the last year, running so many high quality streams and they usually have great commentary, too. It’d be nice to see them given a chance to run things for us people stuck at home.

Spooky is a volunteer working 18 hours day at Final Round this week to bring us a great stream.

And he does this for A LOT of evo events and tourneys all over America (and Canada). He even gets up at 6 am to stream Japanese tourneys.

All of this on a volunteer basis, and spooky does a better job with streaming than paid MLG employees.

He’s the perfect man to Stream Evo World this year.

I have been following Team Sp00ky since 2008. I love how they turned out today. I’d like to see him do EVO.

Few things though, stream would sometimes look unprofessional with the occasional dualscreen window overlap. He should eliminate that. Multiple setups streamed would also be a good upgrade from the usual one setup for stream only. Also Sp00ky please have a sub stream handler so you won’t kill yourself!

Give sp00ky a day off geez lol

and was it levelups fault that sessler was on the mic?

sp00ky wants to stream evo