Do you want to see Team Sp00ky stream EVO 2011? Petition added!

Make this happen!


I say YES Spooky is the best at what he does.

SRK likely says G4 means money and put morgan webb on the stream talking about call of duty map packs just like the banner ads on this site.

Hell put that G4 label all over it as long as spooky is behind the scenes we’ll be happy. G4 has to get some kind of attention before they become fully irrelevant.

Definitely. There’s reasons enough in this thread alone. Let’s go sp00ky!

I personally prefer level up, nothing against spooky. I’ll be happy with a quality, professional stream, no matter who runs it.


Guys be sure to sign the petition. (first post)

Its important that we get the votes that they can see when its presented. LET’s GOOOOOO

fuck yeah!!! team sp00ky all fuckin day

Team Sp00ky has successfully delivered so many of the hypest tournaments all over the country. Everyone knows that Sp00ky is unbelievably dedicated to what he does. The man puts in work, every tournament bringing quality events promptly to the stream, co-managing events, working as a semi-TO, and maintaining the stream for entire weekends. It would be a shame for anyone else to do the Evo stream. Sp00ky all the way.

is there an option to suggest a collboration between Spooky and Level UP?
Level UP is amazing too
I don’t want to to sign a petition which could mean turning our backs on Level UP

PLEASE let Sp00ky stream EVO this year. I know without a doubt that he’ll do it right and make sure it doesn’t crap out like it did last year during the SSF4 grandfinals.

Does the evo tournament compensate stream providers? I can’t remember what I’ve heard.

Spooky’s a good guy. I wouldn’t want him running a stream as big and as stressful as EVO unless he gets paid. Great work needs to be rewarded.

I don’t know how Spooky does it. He works so hard!!

If anyone deserves this, it’s definitely Sp00ky! Make this happen!!!

I’m all for it! EVO deserves the BEST STREAM!!! Team Sp00ky Stream!!!

Yes yes yes. The Final Round stream has been amazing. Let’s make this happen!

Yes, Sp00ky stream is god tier.

Sp00ky makes me go kooky in my nooky…

i mean…:confused:

yes to Sp00ky stream!

Spooky is the BEST.

I appreciate what LevelUp does, but Sp00ky streams are the best without a doubt. Please choose Team Sp00ky for Evo!

i’d love it if Spooky streamed evo