Do you waste people's time if you're a horrible gamer?

Say you’re at a tournament, playing casuals, waiting in line for your next turn and junk, and there’s that one person who gets their ass handed to them over and over again, and still getting back in line. People are waiting in line behind someone who’s not even good. The same goes for online; people will kick you out because of your rank, or leave the room because they see someone who is clearly a shitty player and don’t even bother to wait for a match. I’d say you’re pretty much wasting people’s time if you’re an awful player.

Only if you’re not learning.

Every time you get your shit pushed in, is an opportunity to learn and get better.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

To be honest, I think this is an awful attitude. Everyone starts somewhere and we’re all just trying to level up. I mean, what are they supposed to do, just not play and remain terrible? Besides, you can take something valuable away from beating even a player who’s much worse than you are at the game.

How the hell are you going to get better if you have the idiotic opinion that you are wasting better players’ time by playing them? What a stupid thought.

Troll topic? Just because you didn’t have the guts to play with the big kids when you were starting out doesn’t mean that every new player wants to stunt their first two years of development like that. The only thing that ever mattered as far as play time was your willingness to stand in line (and whether or not you had any quarters) and that’s not gonna change.

I’m not talking about me. I’m just asking in general. I’ve had people kick me out in SSFIV AE for no reason, and got back in line over and over again whenever I’m at tournaments. I would say I’ve won a few casuals, but not after getting my ass kicked over and over again.

And what would I be taking away from them? Hell, even I would feel like I’m wasting someone’s time going against them and lose constantly.

Online people do w/e because it’s anonymous but in person nobody cares. Unless it’s a major the only reason anybody is there is to get better including the best people there (besides a bit of pocket change).

To make a joint response to what you’re saying in this topic as well as in the other topic about the average player at EVO… you have to learn how to talk to people and socialize and have a good time outside of the game at tournaments so that getting your ass kicked over and over is enjoyable anyway and neither player feels like their time is being wasted. You ever notice how the top players tend to run together at tournaments? That’s not because they’re talking about the game constantly and being a top player means you’re bffs with every top player, it’s the other way around – they got to be where they are because they’re compatible with people that are already hella good at the game, and that’s where they got their skill in the first place. Look at that newish player Knives and see what a friendship with somebody like Fanatiq can do to level up your game.

You’re a waste of time if you have an terrible attitude and not playing games for enjoyment, constantly complaining, never compliment or give credit to your opponent, etc.

I’ve seen this in behavior of both noobs and top level players alike. It’s not really a matter of skills… some people are just terrible human beings.

My attitude is never bad. I give my opponent compliments and credit as well. I never complain, though I don’t really find enjoyment in it, but that’s because I play to get better and to win. I have no problems with losing since I do that a lot.

I can talk to people; I just feel inferior and immature towards better players, so I have to put on this confident and serious facade. I would say I made a few acquaintances and gotten a lot better at Tekken 6, though I’m not sure if getting past the first match of my first tournament as well as my second is good for someone wanting to start being a competitive gaming.

Whose time are you wasting as terrid player waiting in line? Your own? Definitely not, as playing makes you improve.
Your opponents? Hardly, because playing worse opponents opens up the possibility to learn new things (eg trying out some combo which you are currently practicing but don’t have sure execution with, playing a different character to learn its tools better, etc)
The other people in the line? I’m sure they can wait the 40 seconds it takes to body you.

This is the newbie section, and all this thread tries to accomplish is deterring new players from going to gatherings/tournaments. What bullshit.

Depends on the game and if I’m having fun. Didn’t finish Fall Out 3, doubt I’d finish Skyrim or Dues Ex. Cosmic Break on the other hand is the shit.

As for dumb asses, it shouldn’t matter. If you like them or not it’s a different story. Beginners are people who are playing the game within the first month or something while a dumb ass is a person who is playing a game over a month and isn’t much better then someone who’s just started, It’s about having fun.

You should always be playing for yourself and care about what you are getting out of it; this is one of those things where it is ok to be selfish. Being self-conscious about what other people think is a big obstacle for new players coming out to events, maybe the biggest, and the reason you are getting a negative response is because posts like this reinforce that concern, even though it isn’t true. As long as you are learning and trying to get better, and have a good attitude about learning, players are always more than happy to help other players; it’s the reason why we have a FGC in the first place. Old people like myself can remember when you had to work very hard to be considered skilled at a game, and understand that there is going to be a learning curve involved, but I do get why players who started with SFIV and Marvel 3 expect to be sick within a few hours, and I feel that it can lead to them being overly judgmental of others. Everyone learns at a different pace, and tournaments have players with a wide variety of skill; as long as you come in with a good attitude and are wanting to learn, nobody is going to feel you are wasting their time :).

perhaps your connection at that time was slow or they wanted to have a private match with friends. that is why I prefer lobbies with the title “beginners welcome”, “taking it easy” etc. if I see a lobbie with just 3 spots where 2 are occupied I usually dont bother. though there is a chance that the original host will leave and the players remaining will leave too at the first chance or have different approach.

happens all to often, so do not take it seriously.

Why would you want to avoid players that are better than you? That is not a mentality that you want to go into playing a game. You want to go in feeling that you can win and just do your best. Just have fun with it. If anything, facing a better player and getting your ass handed to you simply lets you know that you have to practice that much harder.

Oh and about the scenes in your area or at tourneys, believe it or not, the majority of the players are actually friendly. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and ask for pointers.

It really shouldn’t be your concern, but yeah, some people will consider playing players much below their level a waste of time.

Because I aim to succeed, and players better than me would want a challenge, not someone who they can wipe out in seconds. And about the people in my area, I can’t say, but the guys I went against at Otakon in Tekken 6 told me how my Anna was better than one of theirs and how I shouldn’t rush in, but I gotten a lot better. I won at least six or seven casuals, and I am excited for the next tournament. I just never have anyone to practice with since playing against the computer doesn’t help at all. Nowadays, I can’t really fun, because I’m so serious about winning and focusing on not looking like some incompetent who shouldn’t even be at the tournament.

Everyone starts off bad at one points, if Michael Jordan Didn’t want to waste peoples time with basketball after he didn’t make his highschool team, the entire sport would be different today.

I always used to have the thought that when I would be playing numerous matches with players who were far better than me, I was just wasting their time. But now it’s like shit, if the other person doesn’t want to play with me, or if i really am wasting his time, then they can just get up and leave.

If you really want to succeed, those are exactly the kind of players you should seek out. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, most players don’t mind playing new blood. Those same top players were garbage too, at one point.

At this point, you shouldn’t care about winning etc (b/c real talk, you won’t). You should focus on stepping your shit up.