Do you waste people's time if you're a horrible gamer?

I’ve met a few people like that, they won’t play me because it’s not worth their time.

Good for them I guess. I don’t let it phase me. Not everyone can be nice. It’s what makes you appreciate the nice people.

On the flipside, the very first meet I ever went to I got completely OWNED by a fellow Ken player. He then spent the next hour helping me out, showing me what I was doing wrong and things that I could do to improve. It really helped me out. It takes all kinds.

strangest thing happened yesterday. with El Fuerte I lose to the CPU shotas much easier than other characters since it can guess my moves. yet I beat one guy 2.8 pp with a 5.6 bp who used Ryu. He isnt even my main, yet with any other character I’d have lost for certain. I’d have played another match but it was too late and it was going to be my last match no matter the result. that character gives a lot of trouble.

I’m going to pop in to drop some hardcore street knowledge: Playing videogames is already a waste of time.

Actually I’d say it’s the opposite.

rage quitting is the only way i can see anyone wasting time in any match. all that hard work to release your hard earned salt to be denied by the internets

kill all new players

If you’re the type of player who has no interest in actually improving (quite a few people like that where I am…) then yeah, you’re wasting other people’s time. Otherwise, play, learn and ask questions. As long as you’re truly interested, most people will be cool with it.

I suck but still play fighting games for some strange ass reason. If I get matched with someone who obviously going to kick my ass hard online, I just stand there and let them perfect.

No reason to waste my time and frustration when they landing 60+ hit combos repeatedly and I can barely get a hit in.

that happens in SF especially. most of the times it happens that my mind is numb to the point of losing 10 matches in a row when I first start to play that game and nothing else prior.i play like hypnotized, mind and nerves are not connected at all.

Then I dont know, suddenly I wake up and play better. this is why prior to SF I prefer to play other fighters or games, so as to be alert. When I begin to play SF when I havent played any other game online or offline, I fare worse

If I start at zero games and play a guy who has already played 20 games, I am doomed.

THAT is the definition of wasting your time. Don’t you think you might learn something from trying to block those combos? And teching throw attempts? If you’re just going to stand there and take it… it’s very passive aggressive.

If you’re planning on getting better, you might as well play as hard as you can against everyone. You’re going to come across them again and again and again.

It’s a waste of time if you talk mad shit and pick high-tier characters, only to get golden bukkake’d back to back.

When someone is that much better than you and you can’t do crap against them cause they can pull of crazy combos and everything else, there’s really nothing you can do to learn from them except how to lose in a humiliating fashion.

Wait for skullgirls, where everyone will be free and scrubs. :smiley:

I never think like this because we were all new at one point, and as good as you get, there will always be someone much better than you. I wouldn’t like it if someone treated me with such an elitist attitude.

Man really?