Do your TE FightStick LB & LT buttons feel different, too?

I wasnt able to find a thread about this, so im gonna start a new one:

I noticed that the black/grey buttons (LB&LT) of my TE fightstick feel different than the white ones. I never noticed this when actually playing (i dont use them that much), but when I took the buttons out (in order to change the artwork) the 2 black ones seemed to be more EASY-MOVING than the rest. I even could shuffle my buttons and blindly tell them apart, just by playing with them in my hands. no joke!
since i dont use LT&LB that much its no big deal, but how about replacing all the white buttons with black ones (to match your artwork or w/e)? at this point i honestly could imagine that this WOULD affect the feeling of my controls…
did anybody had similar experiences?

Maybe your white buttons are more worn than the other two, so this makes them feel different.

None of the TE sticks that I’ve used felt different to me, but I havn’t been looking for it either.

could be… but then again my stick is fairly new.

It is a known fact that Sanwa White buttons are the softest. Why? I do not know. Maybe they come from a batch that used a specific microswitch that was manufactured a special way.

softer then the other sanwa buttons ???

Yes. There was a period of time where the white buttons were the most sensitive out of all the colors. I do not remember the exact date, but pretty much everyone agreed that the white buttons were “too sensitive.”

are you serious?

Hmm I always said my white sanwa felt a lot softer than my roommates purple.

Thanks for the info! This is the first time I hear about this. Colour dependent Sanwa buttons… how odd!!!

Edit: Actually I got the impression that the dark buttons were “more sensitive”. But that’s obviously just a matter of subjectivity. Just wanted to say.

honestly, seems the same to me…

btw… the ones on the TE stick? they’re 30mm buttons right? so if i wanted to swap 'em out for IL competition ones, i shouldn’t have a problem?

The “white buttons are softer” might not be that big of a factor as of this date, but back when the usage of japanese parts were on the rise (3-4 years ago) and sanwa manufactured a metric ton of white buttons, the white buttons definitely were the most sensitive.