Do your TE/modded SEs randomly fail?


I’ve been wanting to pick up a stick for quite a while now. I’m hoping once hype has died down and stock is in plentiful supply, they’ll be available in high street stores. As this will be my first stick, I want it to be good and last a long time since they’re not exactly cheap.

I’ve been following posts for quite a while now and recently there have been reports of both the SE and TE randomly not recognising inputs until it’s replugged in and general temporary failures. Have any of you guys who have TE or modded SEs experienced anything like this?


After swapping out my parts, no issues from my SE since day one.


My SE joystick failed, but it’s not modded.


Yeah, we all know the stock SE sucks though, and has many problems, which why I said “modded SE” :smile:

I’m just worried about how good the main PCB of the Mad Catz sticks are. I mean it’s all well and good having a car with fancy alloy wheels and fantastic body kit, but what’s the point if the engine sucks?


That tends to not stop a lot of people though. :rofl: