DOA 4 - Any Good?

Im considering picking up a 360 and as the only fighting game on it at the moment is DOA 4 Im tempted to pick it up, but so far Ive been disappointed by the poor depth of the DOA series (which I suppose would be the question why I continue to buy them :wink: ). However Ive heard that DOA 4 offers a significant improvement and was looking for opinions on its quality and depth.

doa’s are same as always, turtle and counter endlessley, or mash it up lol, but non’theless its a good game for a little fun.

Yeah, it’s kind of like marmite… You either love it or you hate it…

If you don’t counter a counter which was a counter to your counter of their counter to your attack then your dead.

That’s DOA4 in a nutshell.

i suggest you delete the thread before you get flamed… doa haters run this place >>

It’s fun, and it’s actually pretty good, get the game.
it’s also on the rise.

DOA in general is a pretty decent game, perhaps even pretty good. I’ve played a couple people on Live I never stood a chance against. It might have to do with my poor adaption, and a player with different instincts might do better, even though he might be a novice. Their key tactic is to keep you stunned, not knock you down or knock you in the air for juggles… I can’t really explain how they avoid being outguessed by me… if I don’t counter, they keep attacking slowly with weak, but stun oriented moves. If I counter, they either wait till it’s over and continue attacking weak, quick attacks… or just go for the throw. This is actually just the style of this one guy. Basically, to take some sort of control in the game, you have to stun the opponent. Then you can wait for a counter, do another stunner, or knock them in the air for a juggle.

But then again, I sometimes lose to the simplest playstyles and proceed to curse the damn game and leave.

I haven’t played DOA4.

counter/block > attack > throw > counter/block

basically the idea is get your opponent stunned so you can remove his option of blocking and force the same retarded mixup over and over and over again. Tekken wakeup style, only simpler.

Don’t forget you can slow escape if you’re opponent is baiting a counter. That strategy actually sucks, but remember you can.

As Jwong said “Mash, Mash, counter lawl”

You love it if you play it and you hate it if you don’t. Nobody here’s played it.

lol he said “mashmashmash-counter-mashmash”.

You’re starting to sound like a fuckin’ broken record.

Put up an arguement or STFU.

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This isn’t an argument, bro. It’s a yes or no question.

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You don’t know the full story.

A while ago (which was probably 3 weeks ago) in the “worst game you’ve ever played” thread, some people kept bringing up the name of DOA as one of said games and this “spuddlywhatever” turd kept saying “You don’t know what you’re talking about” and his main reason for doing so was only "you haven’t played the game, so you don’t know (whereas it was pretty obvious that some people did play it and even pointed out some reasons why).

When he was asked to give SPECIFIC reasons why DOA wasn’t that bad, he kept repeating the same tune (“You haven’t played the game enough”) and just ended up posting up links, which means he could not give a concise answer himself, which is pretty fuckin’ weak.

So there.

Uhh…the reason I played the “you haven’t played it” card was because he admittedly had not even played it, and said that he had only played DOA1, 2 and 3.0. And no. Nobody pointed out a single reason why it was bad other than “lol, this one time my 8 year old cuzin went on Live and beat somebody” which, according to everyone else for every other game, is just plain dumb since XBL is no actual gauging of skill.

obviously not.

but the history isn’t in this thread, just by this thread alone it looked pretty retarded.

that’s all im sayin

DOA:4 is pretty good

They lower the window in counters making it not as easier as previous installments.

You no longer have shortcuts, (I.E analog from Xbox where you can stupidly do the Izuna Drop starting with Grab and repeatedly pressing that one button over and over again to have it down in perfect succsession (sp?)

They add more stuns to make the game more of an offensive style of combat. There are juggles but don’t expect any thing flashy along the lines of Tekken. (they more along the lines of VF, just DOA:4 lasts a little longer)

Personally the 360 pad is shit to play on, so I suggest investing in a Arcade Stick if you have the means… but if your just going in for a casual play then the Digital pad I guess isn’t bad.