DOA 4 Rajin Throw Combo. HELP!

So yeah, I’m playing DOA4 right now and I’m trying to unlock everything. So far, I’m pretty sure that I can unlock evreything else easliy. But one thing will be standing in my way at the end of the day. Hayate’s Rajin Throw combo. If I don’t do this, then I can’t unlock his system voice as well as Alpha-152 voice. Is there any easy way to do this throw? I used to think that Ivy’s soul and suffering was the hardest throw in the universe to do, but even I was able to find a buffer to be able to do it effectively in a fight. I can’t even do the Rajin in practice mode to save my life. I’ve tried buffering it off of a punch to get it started, I’ve also tried doing the set up out of a block. But once it comes time to get in the 2nd and 3rd inputs, the whole thing goes to hell. Does anybody here have an at least 80% idiot proof way of doing this throw? This seems to be the only multipart throw in the game where timing is crucial as hell.


is that the one that’s like 360 then 4 directional inputs than 4 other directional inputs in different directions. Yeah my friend bitched about it to me. I could do it, I just couldn’t memorize the damn inputs (never playing the game and all).

As I recall just hold G then do the first one. Then assuming you memorized the inputs buffer em all as fast as you can. I think you only need to hit the button during the active frame with all the directional inputs before being aok. Maybe practice the second and third one standing first.

I donno I got it once, but I think Talim’s multi throw was harder.

Yep, that’s the throw I’m talking about. All of the other throws in the game have some very forgiving windows to make the inputs. Hell, most of them have a window so big, you could mess it up, then hurry and go back and do it right and still execute the move. There is no way in hell that I’m going to be able to do this without a joystick. Talim’s multi throw wasn’t that hard at all to me. It took me a few tries before I had it down pat. But this Rajin shit is just crazy. I guess I’ll just keep at it until it happens. I only need to do it once.


Don’t pay attention to when it says “combo throw” on the screen. Just watch his actions. Providing you get the first part of it off, as soon as you see him about to launch them in the air, hit the second part. Once you know that connected, immediately go for the third part.

Also, are you using the pad?

Yes, I am using the pad. I tried going with the analog stick. But when your not using an actual arcade stick, it’s just not the same. I’m looking at my inputs at the bottom and they are just as FUBAR as if I was using the pad, so I don’t think that really makes a difference. I got back and forwards between the two hoping for some dumbluck to kick in. I guess I should start ignoring that “combo thorw” light. It seemed to help for everyone elses multi-throws, so I figured it would work here as well. I think it’s stupid to make you go through all of is trouble for a throw that doesn’t even do that much damage. I guess it’s strictly for bragging rights…


Unless you’re trying to unlock Tatami for versus mode, there’s not really a point in finishing his training. His system voice isn’t all that good, neither is Alpha-152s. I was all amped up when I finally got it, only to be frustrated because it’s not worth the trouble put into it. Some people can actually hit it in a fight though. It’s not that it’s really damaging, it’s more like…“wtf, I got hit by this ignorant shit?”

If I remember correctly, the key for me was learning to input Part 2 carefully, yet still very quickly (using the d-pad). I had to pretty much leave some “release time” between each direction press (meaning, I didn’t just roll from B to F to U to D, I’d hit B, release, F, release, etc., but it was still very quick). For some reason, this made the difference. It doesn’t make much sense, since before trying that, I would look on the screen and the inputs looked perfect. But when doing it this way, it seemed to work far more frequently.

Yeah, he has one of the craziest throws in the history of gaming. And the Izuna Drop is stronger. But like Jaton said, the system voices don’t hold much appeal. Plus, Spartan has the better voice.