DOA 4 Screens

Graphics are looking great. The people on that site are blind.

We can only hope the gameplay is tightened up. The only popular fighting game IMO that has good gameplay is Tekken series.

Yeah I think it looks good. Want to see it in motion though, and I hope the engine is changed for the better.

A lot of folks on Xbox sites are bitching about the graphics, but I think they were expecting something realistic looking from Team Ninja, which won’t happen, since the character designs are heavy on the anime.

Exactly. The backgrounds look better and the clothes look better (just look at the folds on the outfit of the monkey-style guy), what are they complaining about? DOA characters were never supposed to look like humans… they have anime faces, for Gods sake! What did they expect? Playable Advent Children?


Yeah. Theyre crazy. Not gonna happen. Not on XBox360, not on PS3, not on Revolution. Not even the most powerful home computer would be able to run a fighting game that looked like Advent Children.

This look almost as good as the CG in the Tekken Tag intro. Close enough for me.

I doubt the gameplay will improve at all, change maybe, improve no. I’m pretty sure Itagaki has said that DOA is just supposed to be a casual game anyway so I don’t think he or his team will spend the time tweaking it to make it more competitive.

I think Itagaki can make a good fighter if he changed his mindset when developing them. Look what he did with Ninja Gaiden. The engine only needs a little tweaking to make DOA a tourney worthy game IMO.

The amazing thing about DOA, is that creating graphics like those in DOA is quite difficult. And yet they won’t use any of the skill and energy to work out the gameplay.

What’s your handle @

Itagaki doesnt WANT to. DOA is a casual fighting game. He has said that multiple times. And you know what? Theres NOTHING wrong with that.

Anyway, the teamxbox thread about this is so sad… Theres a new page every couple minutes, all whining about graphics.

Well, at least the thread gave me a new sig… :clap:

Well he should make a game that’s nice both for casual and competitive play. It’s not like one excludes the other.
though it’s not a proper fighting game, Smash Bros. series is the best example of that

They are bitching because these are supposedly Xbox 360 pics and yet it’s not a very big jump graphically from DOA 3 or DOAU. And I can agree with that criticism. I mean yes these are beautiful, but graphically people are expecting to be blown away, they are expecting a graphical jump of PS1 to PS2/GC/Xbox proportions, and this is not it. This looks more like the jump from Dreamcast to PS2, or from PS1 to N64.

As soon as Kasume’s boobs start bounching, there going to give two shits about that.

Lets just say i was there but im not anymore. Too many whores. I used to post in the 2D threads. I know who you are, blue. Tung avatar, IIRC? Good times.

The only other casual series besides DOA is MK, which is total crap. SC2 tried to be casual-friendly… Not only it didnt work, it made the series worse.

And Smash Bros is not a fighting game.

OMGZ!!! A black girl in DOA!!!

I think its Lisa, they said she would be in the next DOA fighter after DOAXVB came out.

I like that metrosexual they have too, snakeskin pants and a open collar button up with sexy golden locks and a gay porn mustache!! Easily the best new design!! He better be from France. :tup:

At least the kimono girl is kind cute (Hitomi + Tina are hideous), sorta like a Lei Fang II

Christie has purple lipstick :confused:

And is that a guy in those screens with the short blonde cut? He looks lame. But hey 4 new characters . .thats a plus.

I agree that SC2 is worse than SC1 (if thats what youre saying) but what do you mean “it didnt work” as far as being casual friendly?

Oh, you’re the Shape. :tup:

theres no doubt it looks great, but i just keep thinkin that the current xbox could do the same

why do ppl hate the gameplay so much? im not a hardcore doa player, but they do exist… ive gotten my ass handed many times.

Bout time they got a bishounen character in the game. All those hot girls they needed at least one faggot ass pretty boy. LOL. Looks like he does shaolin kung fu or sumptin. That’ll be hot. Brad Wong looked pretty pimp in that outfit. I like how the characters retain their “anime” look. Gives the game a different style from the other fighting games out there. I hope they add a lot more to everyone’s moves list and tone down some of the ridiculous pokes that some of the characters have.