DOA 4 Screens

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I’m pretty fucking impressed with the scrrenshots. Anyone who thinks this could be done on the current Xbox is on fucking crack. I’d be lying if I wasn’t saying I was looking foward to this. This and the VF are the only fighters I give two shits about.

As long as they don’t have a three point system with the hold/counter, I’ll be happy(really my only complaint with three). Seeing as how they tweked down the damage on those in 3 I’m expecting good things from this. Hope they add some more to the gameplay as well.

Now if VF comes to Xbox 360, I’ll be happier than a pig in shit.

The gameplay (despite what people like Vpai from doacentral say) feels a little lite compared to VF and Tekken. That and people view the hold/counter system as scrubby and feel you are able to win just by going on that, even though to get beat by someone who uses them as a huge part of the strategy has got to be plain retarded. I find the hold/system pretty fun and alwasy keeps the gameplay furious and fast and you can use it for more than just what it’s meant to do, for quick recorvery or to get in where you want and fast, when a normal dash won’t do.

I have fun with the game.

Oh yeah there was a video of a cart-wheelin Hayate the people felt broke the game and cite that, even though it’s not in the U.S. version only in the Jap version but was replaced with 3.2.

Says you.



In order to actually add something to this topic, Hol Horse is right. DOA doesn’t have to be a brain dead, counter happy, mash fest (obviously overgeneralizing here) inorder to appeal to everyone. Nintendo did something amazing with Smash in that casual gamers can pick it up and have fun with it utilizing only surface knowledge of the game, while anyone willing to see the game through to it’s core will find an obscene amount of depth within. There’s no reason why DOA can’t be the same.

Nothing wrong if you don’t care that the game will grow STALE.

that monk guy with the blond hair looks like kurapica from hunter x hunter.

Anybody who thinks the xbox could be generating those pics are crazy. The graphics in those pics are at the level of farcry running on 2500 dollar pc. The art style is anime so the character models are going to look simple. Look at the backgrounds and the clothes of the characters, the xbox can’t handle that. Those pics are almost on the same level of graphical detail as DOA3 FMV.

DOA COULD have better gameplay, but let’s be honest, does Team Ninja really care? It’s fun enough as-is and GOD DAMN, these graphics are hawt.

Idiots need to learn that it takes time for developers to make games on new consoles “look good”…

Some idiots are saying the same shit at the 1up boards about the game not looking up to Xbox 360 standards when they have yet to see anything from the system. I’m expecting to have an orgasm when I see this in motion. Like how the cholth flows on the Aoi knock-off #2 outfit.

This link has the same pics but it also has a Rainbow Sixe scrren for the Xbox 360. A couple of 'em actually, if anyone is interested.


Xbox 1.5 :frowning:

And he X-box CAN handle those type of graphics, but you’d loose either the detail or the framerate (IE playibility), It’s also not cost-effective to do what you’d have to do in order to get those sort of graphics on X-box/PS2/GC or whatever. Your team would be dead by the time the game shipped. But yeah… it could handle it, in theory.

yeah no shit, this look like a slighter higher res DOA3. I’m not exactly shitting my pants over this, too soon MS, sony will bum rape you

DoA 4 looks good to me, too bad its DoA!

these are apparently leaked shots, not official and nobody knows whethers its xbox1 or 360. I’m guessing its xbox1 because those gfx are very dated looking

Bender is right. Those are Xbox 1 shots. At least for Microsofts sake they better be.

nice graphics indeed. hopefully the soundtrack is good.

I think these are jsut very early build of DOA4, even the background shit say Xenon, and it obviously isn’t called that anymore, not to mention there is still quite a bit of time before this game comes out… Anyway, if they can flesh out the counter system (I liek how they changed it in DOAU, I think if they make all the kick counters forward it would add quite a bit of depth to the game) and have 4 player tag matches onlien I will buy it. And if Lisa is a masked mexican wrestler chick I am already sold :slight_smile: