DOA 4 - What was ACTUALLY changed?

The Counter window, Hit Stun, Side-stepping, Wall stun, tech rolling, ground options and more:

Nice info :tup:

Itagaki will also bring known DOA players to test the game out and balance it:

Sidestepping fixed? DOA isn’t looking almost decent anymore, it’s looking good.

Wow, I really don’t know what to say, got see this to believe it.

I agree, this game could actually turn out to be a decent fighting game. I’m still waiting to hear about Team Ninja finally making command throws breakable, though…

i dont know if its said there but i remember reading theyre concerntrating mainly on the defensive issues of the game instead of just offense, so this should be what i knew doa would evolve into over time.

it was funny that when i was playing online as Fire Fox, i used to use helena and tina (dunno why, blondes arent my type), but when i went into helena’s low stance and pressed down to go lower, NOBODY knew why i was doing that, it actually allows you to avoid mid attacks

i dunno if this is in that gamefaq place or not but im telling everyone now because im not gonna use her anymore lol

I’m getting this game first day it hits stores

I might have to get this when I pick up a 360

Anyone else scared of this?

I foresee characters just running wild all over you, with no breaks or vulnerability…especially the ninjas.

Also, throws are going to be very difficult to use now. One of the main times to throw in the past was when you blocked an opponents move…now that’s out.

It seems that throwing will only be useful if you predict someone’s counter attempt…pretty hard to consistently do…

I guess we’ll see how it works in practice…

It’s called frame advantage, all the fighters are doing it.


and have been since sf2

but not with top 3dimensional graphics with smooth movements and no slowdown

online aswell LOL.

since i saw their peformance with ninja gaiden i can see what theyre aiming for now.

one of kasumi’s new moves has her running on the wall

Wow, take all the stuff that was good in Tekken and VF, then apply it and the game becomes playable

Itagaki will also bring known DOA players to test the game out and balance it:

My God…I said back when DOA2 was out that they should favor the fighting system over the T&A, and it seems that finally, THEY ACTUALLY HAVE. :wow:

May have to buy this when I get my X360. :tup:

So how does this help with the cartwheel problem if there are practically no tracking moves? Did down+P+K just get way buffer for everyone (or at least Tina and Christie)?

I have to admit, I’m getting a little hope for this title. Please don’t disappoint.

SS rarely gives you a free attack, you usually just end up with an advantage. The cartwheel problem is only one and only one version of DoA3 (JAP version). In every other DoA games SS is pretty balanced but still needs to be tweeked a bit.

This is excellent news.

Sounds like the DOA series is pretty close to catching up to Tekken 2. How exciting.