DOA: Picking a main for a noob


Sorry I didn’t see a dead or alive section here, so this seemed the next appropriate place to ask. I bought Ultimate on it’s release and honestly haven’t touched it until now. (and haven’t touched the series period since like 2)

Anyways what I’d like to know is before taking the dive into this game, are there any particular characters that are “noobie-friendly” so to speak? I mean every fighting game in history usually has those one or two characters that make it a little easier to learn the basic fundamentals of the game more than others and I’m kind of clueless on the cast of this one who they might be.

Far as character designs/movesets go from of the tourneys I’ve watched, I’m a little fond of Lisa, Hitomi, and Mila. Are any of these good starters? Or is there someone I should be learning the game on first, then progressing to one of those three.

Thanks in advance.


Lisa = no.
Hitomi = is a little too linear but should be a good starting point.
Mila = pretty newbie friendly IMO


For a beginner who’s really terrible I’d recommend Bayman or Bass. As for: “I’m a little fond of Lisa, Hitomi, and Mila. Are any of these good starters?” Hitomi seems simple but is an advance character, you just don’t see many good Hitomi players, mashers typically go with Kasumi. Mila has plenty of ground grabs for additional damage and it’s pretty much a guessing game to tech those. Lisa isn’t that complicated, think of Eddy Gordo from Tekken but a lot easier to use.


Hmm maybe I’ll start out with Mila and once I’m comfortable with the game I’ll work up to Hitomi. Thanks for the replies but further input is always appreciated if anyone else has 2 cents they’d like to toss in.
Definitely past “masher” status, been playing fighters for quite a while, just not this one. Any particular reason you would recommend Bass/Bayman as firsties? (easy combos, big damage for minimal “work” etc) Just curious.
I guess I should also ask, which characters are the “super hard” ones. I’m assuming Akira as he was always a difficult character in the VF series, but any others i should just “stay away” from until much later?

Last character specific question as well… how is Momiji in the “difficulty” ranks.

Again I know I’m asking a lot, so thanks in advance.


I’m sorry but you have never played DOA in your life if you truly think this. The only thing that Lisa and Eddie have in common is the unpredictability in their attacks. Everything else is night and day. Lisa takes a great amount of precise execution to use properly. You aren’t gonna get combos with her by mashing punch and kick like some characters.

To answer the OP’s question, I’d say try Christie (chick with the white hair) if you’re looking for someone easy to pick up. She has pretty simple combos that do pretty good damage and her overall game is good as well. Also go with Hitomi for end game instead of Mila. I say this because she has decent grab mixups, but they’ll become more difficult to complete against more experienced players as they’ll know when to counter mid-chain.


Christie may be a good starter just because I was a Lion player in VF2 many moons ago, and her stance/style kind of reminds me of him. :slight_smile:


I found Jacky and Mila to be characters I could use semi-effectively without really knowing the game all too well.