DOA Players plead to keep DOA in CGS

someone delete this

lol some of the comments there are funny

From that thread, I learned that apparently lots of females play DOA, and that apparently they are better than the males. When that happens, it usually means it is something really stupid and not merit based.

I never understood why the FG of choice at CGS was DOA4. The fact they continue to use such a broken-ass game tells you they know absolutely nothing about the competitive FG scene. SRK should have a pro circuit, not those weaksauce “PROS” people they have with all this publicity and making money at CGS.

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Because we all know women are incapable of playing real fighting games as said by Emil

Didnt team ninja break up or something , so proably no more doa games…

Also they will proably replace that games spot with one of the upcoming fighters, tekken6, sf4, sc4.

Really everygame has it time in the sun and doa’s is over, for an assorted amount of reasons.

no negs please.

EDIT: Wtf why do they split the males and females up, this CGS seems not to have the interest of FGC in its head but one of trying to make a show of it to a casual gamer, yawn.

No they shouldn’t. The exclusivity of a team based pro circuit kind of ruins what fighting games are all about. If they want DOA4, or any other shitty ass fighting game, they can take it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if SC4 replaces it. WCG did VF5 last year, with online qualifiers.

The one thing of note is both CGS and WCG each have a contract with Microsoft, so the 360 version will likely be used.

The vast majority of people who attend major tournaments are obviously not going to challenge for the money. There is already an exclusive group of elite players in the scene today. The only reason I (jokingly) suggested SRK have a pro-circuit is to promote the fighting game scene. CGS is not doing shit justice. If would be wonderful if you could see the best VF/SFIV/GG/(whatever game you can name) players on TV, you know making a name for themselves instead of the people from CGS.

I’m not encouraging exclusivity, I want to promote the scene with the best of the best. You need to bring the best players forward. Promoting a pro-circuit, can be open to anybody who wants to participate, but, in the end in 3S, persay, you want to get the Pyrolee’s, Ken I’s and Amir’s out there for everyone to see. It encourages more people to play when they see there is something to be had for their efforts. That’s all. I think the respect and admiration is going to the wrong people in CGS when there are so many talented people here.

The biggest problem with CGS is it creates a dichotomy in scenes forcing anyone who isn’t good enough to be pro to be a spectator. I don’t want a spectator driven scene, cause that doesn’t necessarily increase competition, it just increases profits for whoever runs the events. Whether or not most people stand a chance to make money at tournaments isn’t really relevant. People can already see the best our community has to offer on youtube or where ever else. I don’t see why we need anything resembling a pro circuit. We already have events that are visible if people are interested, they are just about players, not spectators.

It doesn’t have to drive the scene, TV related “pro” events can be just be used a promotional for the plethora of other huge events our scene provides. I think any publicity helps. It can help a new person think “I want to be on TV and be a pro, one day.” Then they’ll be encouraged to improve at SB, EVO, T series and all the other major tournaments. A pro circuit doesn’t have to encapsulate the entire scene. There is money to be had in pro gaming circuits and TV exposure which this scene doesn’t have is a huge bonus.

…they could always pick up SCIV!



DOA4: The game in which the community can’t decide on an official tier list. Every player has their own tier list, each with characters being all over the place (in one list Hitomi is top and in another she’s bottom wtf?).

I love DOA. it’s counter system is so entertaining. but I can’t see it being taken overly seriously.

That’s what hurts when you don’t have a strong offline scene for a game, if they are dumped from CGS then it really puts a damper on fans of that series, because suddenly they have a whole lot less venues to play.

It’s not my cup of tea, but it sucks for the players who do like it if it gets dumped. I wonder is it going to be dumped in favor of another fighting game? Or are they sticking something from a more popular genre in there?

DOA is a button mashing titty fest.

dead on arival?

do they call it that because thats how the FG community treated it as it came through

but all bad jokes aside, i’ve never understood how the fuck it ended up in some allegedlt serious gaming league

DOA4 wasn’t removed from WCG, lol. They lost the rights to use it thanks to CGS.