DOA scores 37/40 at famitsu

What else can I say hater’s gone hate ballers gon ball

Seriously though I really wonder if the game has improved that much, maybe you guys were wrong and it has really improved, I guess I’ll find out next week.

hey guess what

nintendogs got 40/40

reviews are retarded


sorry but when a fighting game has master chief as a secret character i can’t respect it.

for some reason smash did a great job of making a fighter comprised of those that really don’t look like they would fight (yoshi) but master chief? come the fuck on.

Are you serious?

Yeah man I see your point I didn’t like gon or doctor b in Tekken 3 either


WTF is wrong with that??

My wife and daughter love it!!!

:lk:Were NEVER wrong kid. Ever.

MKD received high review scores (but was in reality crap in disguise) with many talking about how well furbished it’s gameplay (supposedly) was. Your point exactly?

I think they’re just happy that doujin artists have new DOA material to work with. It’s enough for now until the next Volleyball game is made.

The fact that it scored that well at FAMITSU means something, it’s one of the most respected gaming mag’s in the world

I don’t quite think the game is on the perfection level of soulcalibur on dreamcast or Legend of Zelda OT, but yes it’s a great game chill man

Well see you haven’t played it yet and famitsu has so…Famitsu>>>>srk opinion(as of right now, until the game comes out)

Famitsu isn’t any better than American gaming rags. They have slightly different biases and that’s it. They gave it a high rating for the same reasons American reviewers will give it a high rating; it has good graphics, is fun for scrubs to mash buttons in, there are extras and crap, and tits.

You obviously haven’t played it either, so how could you determine whether it’s good or not…?

Dude cygnus man Id like to agree with you man but if VF5 scored a 37 or even a perfect 40 you guy’s would be proclaiming it the second coming, man I now some of you guy’s really know your stuff and your defenitly one of the few here that does, but lets at least wait this one out man until it comes out, if it did not improve then I’ll admit it.

BTW how do you know that about Famitsu, I heard the opposite so…

I already know it’s the second coming, I don’t need a review to tell me that. BTW VF4 Evo is also one of the highest rated fighting games by the American press anyway. But you know they gave it that rating because of Quest mode and the item shit, they don’t actually know anything about the game other than basic shit. They are reviewers, they don’t go super in-depth.

Would you make a thread if GamePro gave DOA4 a perfect score? Because it would mean about as much.

you do realize that that magazine is not famitsu but xbox famitsu and that they always give higher scores to xbox games than the main famitsu itself does right?

long story short, famitsu did not give doa4 37/40 and expect to see a lower score in the main famitsu.

And there we go, close thread and good night everybody!