DOA4 at EVO?

Does anybody else kinda think it’s unfair to throw in DOA4 at EVO, with this being probably its only chance to become a regular game at EVO? I mean, less than two million Xbox 360s (I think) have been sold, and pulling the trigger on DOA4 now is beyond premature, IMO. Yeah, it has a large online community, but we all know that a barely-noticable percentage of a game’s players actually go to EVO. I’m glad it’s there, as I’m a DOA fan, but saying that they’re only doing this once when there are so few people who even own the console…it just doesn’t seem that this would be the time to put the DOA community into a do-or-die situation for big-time tourney play.

Your argument is completely invalid.

Anyone that has not already bought an X-Box 360 and DOA4 is not going to suddenly decide to start playing in tournaments after finally getting around to buying the game. The hardcore players all have the game already, and if they can’t produce a decent turnout now, then DOA4 will never have an offline tournament scene.


I’m a DOA4 player, and I still prefer DOA3.1 and sometimes even DOA++ :rofl:

Itagaki should have continued from 3 instead of digressing back to 2.

Well you can’t really say “well if noone cares it’s ok, you don’t have to come”, and expect people to take notice.

If the DOA community wanted to really make a impact WRT tournaments this would be the time. It’s a little assumptive to say there will NEVER be players, or even that all the potential doa players are part of the community yet. The important point IMO is: Anything done now is worth 10x more than a year from now when ps3 and other games start competing for attention.

Why are we having DOA4 when SFA would easily gain more entrants? Because SFA is SF? Wth? Fine, have DOA4 but don’t give more money there than SFAE. The AE participants will have far more challenges to overcome and they get less money, why?

“Anyone that has not already bought an X-Box 360 and DOA4 is not going to suddenly decide to start playing in tournaments after finally getting around to buying the game.”

I might. I can’t afford it now though. The ammount of competitive players isn’t going to double overnight, but there are still more potential players out there.

You also don’t have to actually own the game to be competitive about it. How many people here learned purely from arcades?

DOA4, though, isn’t in Arcades, doesn’t have a noteworthy level of popularity in Japan, and is on a console that’s been out for six months in surprisingly limited quantities. I just think it’s pretty early to do that, especially when so many people still play DOA2 on XBL because of the simple fact that they have no 360.

Pretty early to do what? have a doa4 tournament? I don’t think there is ever a ‘bad’ time to run a tournament, unless it’s during another tournament i guess. It’s not like less people are going to play DOA because it’s in evo.

If everyone waited for everyone else to get started, nothing would ever get moving.

DOA4 at Evo is random. That’s all I have to say. After people tried for years to vote in DOA2/3 for Evo…finally DOA4 randomly makes an appearance and pays out as much money as any other fighter when clearly there aren’t a whole lot of people that play it competitively right now. It just seems like too little too late to me. I was a big DOA fan for a while but now that I don’t really care to buy a 360 anytime soon and I’m pretty much strictly a 2d fighting gamer now…shit just doesn’t matter to me anymore. Back in the DOA2/3 days an Evo tournament for DOA would have been like a dream come true. Now it just seems weird. Only 3d fighters I really play now are Tekken 5 and um…Tekken 5 and I suck at Tekken (but it’s fun as hell and more people play it).

What was the 4th SF game… SF1, WW,CE,HF… !!! Is this the end, or the beginning?

Thats nice who cares play DOA4, or drop out stop talking about the past.

Yea I would definately prefer doa3.1 at evo, but its not at evo DOA4 is at EVO so stop whining about DOA3.1 not being there DOA4 is just as solid.

The Problem:

Look I will be straight upfront here DOA has never really had a STABLE offline scene because most of the players aren’t even DOA players they just play whatever comes out on Xbox live. Most of them are just casual players. Sure DOA had a stable arcade scene back in like what 2000, but not anymore and all of those players are gone and have never been around.

The biggest problem with DOA as I have been saying to everyone is the main focus of the game is on a site that doesn’t even care much about offline at all they rather push online, and “e3” events instead of any offline tournaments.

Shit look at the front page you see “Oh all these pictures from E3, and Fan art by stars in her eyes” Never do you see any pictures from a tournament or a news ad advertizing for tournaments. Just events and fan art. DOAC is a Fan site nothing gets done there but “fanfare” or whatever its called also DOAC has alot of spam on it I have talked to the site owner myself and he says that what we think is spam isn’t spam its just players doing what they like doing to have fun on the site in other words he doesn’t care and only really cares if people are posting or not.

Another problem with DOAC is that if you want something done it takes forever to get it done which holds DOA back alot and this has been going on for like 2 years.

The Solution:

The only way I actually see DOA ever picking up (hopefully it does) is with a new site. Tragic made which is a board and is very good no spam all strats, and tournament stuff. There isn’t much on there because it was neglected for some reason, but I told Tragic today that me and a fellow DOA player will be on there posting info for every character, and combo videos for every character, and system breakdown vids and posts with all the information you will need.

The only problem however is that it will take sometime since it is only me and him as of right now but eventually we will have everything up. Even right now we are working our asses off to help DOA.

So please if you want to play DOA or learn it go to don’t waste your time posting on DOACentral.


Lol I feel like EWAShock trying to revive a community except mines was never alive haha it was always dead.

Get it Dead or Alive

99% of SF players were casual players that played SF in the arcade mainly because arcades were popular and if something was in the arcade, it got played. I’m not buying the XBL angle. People that play a game are going to come from somewhere, noone is just born to play a certain game.

Well if online is the new arcade, and most of your players are inevitably coming from online, then obviously someone needs to push the online aspect.

You may have a concern that the offline isn’t being pushed, but online is the market for offline, not a competitior. Reducing the support for online play also reduces the support for offline play. If you don’t like online play and conventions, it would seem exciting that doacentral is taking care of all that (percieved) BS for you so you can concentrate on offline.

I can see where people are coming from on this.

In regards to online gaming supporting offline. If anything online gaming is like what the home theater is to movie theaters. Movie theaters still make tons of bucks, but now a days many people stay home and watch DVDs, in affect directly competing with the movie theaters. (The market has responded by rushing movies from the theater to DVD a lot faster than the practice happened a few years ago.)

The convenience factor is what draws many people to it, many play it for it’s great online component, not necessarily the same group of players keen on traveling to play in a tournament.

I think someone would have to be somewhat wary when the general sentiment, among DOA and none DOA players alike is that it’s too soon, and they fear low turnout. (Mostly because it may be DOA’s only shot, and it seems from their communities they think they need a bit of time to get their shit together.)

As far as there being a “bad” time to run a turnament you’re right, there is no bad time. There is however times that are worse than others for particular games, it’s all about the scenes the games have. There is a reason some other games aren’t on the list, and it may not necessarily be because people don’t play the games, it’s just not a good fit, because of their scenes. I mean, if there was a fighting game everyone and their mother was playing, it would nearly have to be in EVO. It all comes down to considering the scene, and right now I haven’t seen much in the way of people either inside or outside of it that have much confidence.

However, I can see the other aspect of it as well:
I personally think however DOA4 will do okay, but not necessarily because the DOA4 scene comes out in force, mostly because people who play other games will sign up for a chance to get at what may be the smallest turn out to get through for the big money. It all comes down to the kind of tournament you like to see as to whether or not that is successful. (Bringing new players to any game is good, but if they play just for Evo, then one has to decide for themselves if that is good or not.)

Anyhow it does not seem that Evo is going to budge the way it does just about anything at this point regardless of how many people voice their opinion to the contrary. (I am not trying to be combative in that statement, just an observation.) So all I can say to the DOA players is try to make it to EVO, and anyone else feeling DOA may be getting a raw deal in the timing, join the DOA tournament to try to give them a stay of execution.

(Sadly I can’t go to EVO cause I go to school all year long. T_T, Next year!)

Replace DOA4 with HSFA!!! (just kidding, I know it is too late and all, but it would be cool)

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have an arcade within miles of me. And the closest arcade (a few hours drive) is nothing but light guns, motion sensors, and one of those little spinning things where you have to time it right so you can win tickets. There aren’t many arcades left, and within the next decade, I don’t think there are going to be almost any at all. Online gaming will be the ONLY place you can do competitive gaming, like it or not.

Anyway, many, many people play Dead or Alive, and if they had a DOA2 Ultimate or a DOA3 tourney, I think that they’d have a good turnout. But they’re, as stated, going with DOA4, which is on the Xbox 360 which almost nobody owns. IMO, DOA4 is the best DOA on an Xbox console, and is more than deserving of a spot over whichever version of SF2 they’d go with. But the simple fact that this may be the one year to decide if the series will ever be in Evo again, and they choose the colt in the stable of stallions (good analogy, no?) just doesn’t seem right.

And 3s won’t be in evo ever again either as of 5 years ago, lighten up.

Do it then