DoA4 (Dead or Alive) HORI Arcade Stick?

I’m thinking about purchasing one of these from a friend for pretty cheap. This would be my first arcade stick so I’m not really knowledgeable about these sticks and it didn’t seem like there was anything in the stick thread about this. It seems to be identical to the blaz blue arcade stick below, and a lot of the reviews I’ve heard about it have been pretty good. However, it being my first arcade stick, is it really necessary for me to have the additional 4th and 5th buttons on it as I see with some other sticks? Thanks.


It is identical to a Hori EX 2 stick. Okay joystick, buttons tend to have reliability problems. Modding or repairing buttons requires a dremel and soldering iron. The electronics (PCB) isn’t common ground, which means that the original circuitry is useless if you want to dual mod it for use with PS3 or anything else. 4 row of buttons are not needed. Many people hole plug them on their TE, because 8 button is dick, 6 button is cooler.

There is a stick thread on what joystick to buy.

By reliability, do you mean sometimes the buttons stick or just outright don’t work? I’m 100% new to arcade sticks so would this not be okay to use as a first, basic stick?

EX2 buttons tend to die and not work, or get sticky. Madcatz Brawl stick is the suggested beginner stick because it is easy to repair. While buttons die on it too, changing out the buttons only requires new 30mm snap in button and a screw driver. You can buy Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons on

The EX 2 has buttons soldered onto an PCB while the Brawl sticks have quick disconnects. The only complaint about the brawl stick is the artwork.

If you are really cheap, you can replace the switches in the Brawl stick with Sanwa switches. Since the “improved” Brawl stick buttons are Sanwa Clones, these switches should fit in the button bodies. This is true for the Brawl sticks only and not the SE.

They work, but depending on how long they’ve been used, they may not last much longer. It’s an issue of longevity.

If you only want a stick for XBOX 360 and the price is good, buy it.

Also yes, 6 buttons are the most you’ll ever need.

Yes I do only want this for the 360, and will it last at least 6 months before it breaks if I’m using it maybe 4 hours a day?


Difficult to say because of its second-hand nature.

The buttons are usually the first to die though, but are not too difficult to modify provided you have the tools such as soldering iron and wires.

assuming it’s in mint condition as he says it is, used only once